Tragedy struck this past weekend when an individual attending Seattle\’s FreakNight, a two day music festival, overdosed on rave drug known as \’Molly\’ and then later died. The individual was allegedly in his 20\’s. There is no confirmation when the drugs were consumed, and if they were consumed at this event.

FreakNight was being held at the WAMU Theater in Seattle Washington, and USC Events was hosting it. It was estimated that 22,000 people were expected to show up each night of this two day festival.

After the first night, the Washington Poison Center reported at least two overdoses, one including death. USC Events then decided to shut down the concert when they became aware of the situation at 4 P.M on November 1st. At 6 P.M a message went out to all the attendees that the festival would no longer be going on.

This horrific case is only one of very many heartbreaking drug overdoses. The importance of safety at concerts cannot be stressed more and USC Events tries their hardest to express this on their webpage. They have a detailed list of ways a raver can be responsible at their shows, they labeled it \’The Message\’.

Spread the message, the word, or whatever else you want to call it because these type of instances are becoming more commonly seen and can happen to anyone. People shouldn\’t be losing their lives at music festivals, that is not what EDM music is about. It is about coming together with love and respect for the music, each other, and themselves. Respect yourself and think responsibly.

This is the statement USC Events released after they became aware of what had happened the night before: