If you are a football betting enthusiast, you might be familiar with different wagering systems. Some of the best betting systems for football are: matched wagering, arbitrage wagering, and value wagering. However, another prominent one is the flat betting system.

We will see how beneficial the flat betting system is for football bets. In addition to that, we will talk about the fundamentals and pros and cons of this flat wagering system. If you want to get more wins with the best odds, it is best to check out the strategies displayed on

Introduction To Flat Betting System


Flat betting is a money management approach that enables you to keep track of your bankroll (the total money available for making bets). Flat wagering depends on the concept of a predetermined bet amount (fixed bet amount). It could be the reason why this flat wagering system is occasionally named “a fixed betting strategy.”

You would stake the exact amount on every wager (from one month to 12 months) for a predetermined duration. The sum is expressed as a percentage of the user’s total bankroll. It is clear that a fixed proportion of a user’s bankroll can range from 1 to 5%.

If you are new to the flat wagering system, you have to begin with 1%. After understanding how it works, you can increase the stake. There are four different types of flat betting system, which are:

  • The static flat wagering system
  • The academic or expert flat wagering system
  • The chaotic flat wagering system
  • The aggressive flat wagering system

1. Static Flat Wagering System

It is the safest flat wagering type, and the stake proportion is 1% of your overall bankroll. In addition to that, it would not differ for a lengthy period.

2. Academic or Expert Flat Wagering System

Here is the most common flat betting type. The stake proportion ranges between 1% to 3% of your bankroll. It relies on the following factors:

  • the user’s belief in the game’s predicted result (3% if fully confident)
  • the bettor has a decent understanding of the football bets (high stake amount if the user is skilled)
  • the stakes’ success rate (the wager is lessened when losses occur).

3. Aggressive Flat Wagering System

In comparison to academic and static flat wagering, aggressive flat betting is typically dangerous. The gambler wagers 2% to 3% of the bankroll. In case of a lengthy losing streak, the stake is not reduced.

4. Chaotic Flat Wagering System

One can imagine what type of betting system it is just by its name. The user wagers 10% or more of bankroll. In addition, the user can modify the bet in any way. There are many platforms that say that this approach is best for a tiny bankroll and a long distance. However, it is very controversial.

Brief Explanation Of Pros And Cons Of Flat Betting System


There are several pros of using the flat wagering system in football games. For instance, this strategy is ideal for all users, making it clear and easy. In addition to that, the bettor receives ultimate safety against depleting the bankroll, which makes this betting system more reliable.

The flat wagering system is a real chance to obtain earnings when entering a specific success rate. Besides that, this betting system is relatively flexible as you can incorporate it with different wagering techniques.

Like advantages, there are specific disadvantages of the flat wagering system. For example, if you want massive profits, you should use a huge initial budget. This wagering system has a high win rate, which means that you can only have profits if the success rate surpasses 50%.

How Flat Betting System Is Beneficial For Football


We will particularly see how the flat wagering system works in football games. Like several other betting systems, this flat wagering system also has its origins in online casino games. It is primarily utilized on events in which there is a 50/50 or almost 50/50 bet.

If you use the flat wagering strategy in the roulette wheel, the user will either bet on black or red. However, when it comes to football games, they have to be rated at even money. It could be in any event, but both the teams must score about 2.5 goals. The even-money wager from the football match is the only necessity, and after that, we can utilize the flat betting system.

After that, you have to select the stake, which is a vital aspect of the flat betting strategy. In several ways, this wagering system simply focuses on bankroll management. Due to that, many users tend to wager a lesser amount of their total balance. For instance, let’s say that you retain a bankroll of $2000, and the staking unit is $2.

After discovering the even-money wager, you have to put $2 on the result. From here, the flat wagering system is different from various 50/50 techniques. It does not matter if you won or lost the preliminary bets as the follow-up amount stays at $2. You can maintain the sequence without the need to modify the stake.

Various wagering systems tend to alter the stake that is in progress with a perspective to recover losses or create a winning streak. However, flat betting is relatively different from those techniques. As we said previously, there is a vital bankroll management aspect in this system. Though there is an extensive capacity to earn earnings, this system has a sort of parachute planned to lessen the losses.


Bottom Line

With the information provided above, it can be said that the flat wagering strategy possesses several benefits. Due to that, it is relatively beneficial for football matches. In addition to that, these advantages are also another reason for many users to choose the flat betting system for football matches. However, there are some drawbacks as well, which you overcome by wagering cautiously.