Contrary to belief EDM really isn\’t evil. Festivals and raves get a bad name due to the large amount of hospitalizations that occur. Hospitalizations are never a good thing, but I think people are a little quick to judge. Raves have been around for quite some time, but haven\’t gotten a large amount of public attention until now. Therefore, people are prone to pointing out all the negative things that happen at EDM events because it is so new to most individuals. People seem to forget all the hospitalizations that occur at rock, country, and metal concerts.

Not everyone who attends EDM festivals and concerts are on drugs. People do go, to be a part of something bigger. When you are among a bunch of unique individuals, dressed in eccentric clothing, you really do feel like you can be yourself. And that is exactly what EDM promotes: the ability to be unique but to come together and loveĀ each other for who they really are.

The bad reputation EDM is given creates pre-convinced notions that nothing good comes out of festivals. But they are so much more than that. Festivals, concerts, and raves are about the music. It is about forgetting the rest of the world and living in the moment, meeting people, creating relationships, and loving one another.

Peace, love, unity, and respect might sound like some hippie tree hugging phrase but it has some truth behind it. If more people could live their lives by those four words the world would be a better place. Before judging EDM events take a step back and consider what else it truly consists of.