We\’ve all paid our fair share of steep festival and event tickets, but one man in Vancouver decided to try and beat the system to see the likes of Martin Garrix, Madeon, and Head Hunterz.

Dooms Night 2014 at the Pacific Coliseum was definitely one to remember for the fan as he was thrown from the premises, then got stuck in the ducting system on his second attempt to sneak in, and wasn\’t rescued until the entire event was over. The man went above and beyond normal fan behavior and pried off a vent cover off a fire escape and climbed into an air duct to enter the event before getting completely stuck.

It wasn\’t until 2AM after the show that a passing coliseum employee heard cries for help from the ensnared man. Fire and rescue crews were called to the scene and able to rescue the fan within minutes. He was unharmed and is now in custody and facing charges for his endeavor.

Moral of the story; Save yourself the trouble and embarrassment and just buy a ticket.