\"ScreenConsidered to be one of the most influential names in all of house music, Oliver Heldens has been climbing the top charts in the music industry for years now and just seems to keep growing and gaining one of the largest fan bases. With EDC NY coming fast at our heels, kicking off the first day tomorrow, we decided to catch up with Oliver about some of his latest successes as well as getting a little insight as to what EDC NY has in store for us this upcoming weekend.

1. Your new track with Chocolate Puma has a really unique sound to it compared to some of your previous releases. What set this track aside from any others you\’ve worked on?

Oliver: With “Space Sheep” we were determined to create something completely new. I think we succeeded in that. It was great working with Chocolate Puma and I’m really happy with the
sound that we’ve created together.

2. For Space Sheep&, you turned to social media to get a bit of an interactive say from your followers to choosing a drop for this track. Do you think getting your audience involved in the behind the scenes process of music making is something that will become more popular in the future?

Oliver: I thought it would be funny if I let my fans decide which drop to use, so I just randomly asked them through social media. It was really cool to involve my fans in the making of a track. In the end they are the ones that listen to it so might as well ask them what they like best. I also asked the fans for pictures that we could use for the video. In the end we used all the
pictures that were send in!

3.After the Heldeep Records party during Miami Music Week, your audience support has been absolutely incredible. Festival season is about to begin. What excites you about that? What festival are you most looking forward to and why?

Oliver: The Heldeep Records party in Miami was crazy and the audience support was amazing! I’m looking forward to play a lot of festivals this summer, because the vibe is totally different compared to the winter season. Of all the amazing festivals I get to play, I’m looking forward the most to play at Glastonbury this year. It’s my first time at Glastonbury and I love the diversity of the festival. So hopefully after my set I get the change to check some of the other artists.

4.We recently noticed through your snapchat story, the enormous Kings Day celebration that you along with many other djs took part in. For the North American audience, can you explain the holiday a little bit?

Oliver: Well it’s a national holiday in The Netherlands called “Koningsdag” and we celebrate the birthday of our King: Willem-Alexander. People dress up in orange clothes and attend crazy parties all around the country. There are a few big festivals throughout the day and almost every Dutch DJ plays at some of them. For me, it’s an awesome day because I get to party with a lot of fans in my home country and I also take my friends to all the gigs I get to play! If you’re not from the Netherlands, you should really come over to celebrate this day!

5.EDC NY is approaching fast at our heels. Are there any surprises that you have in store for us?

Oliver: Yeah it’s getting really close now and I’m actually preparing my set for EDC right now! My set will of course be filled with a lot of my own new tracks, but also tracks by HI-LO and tracks from my Heldeep Records label. I hope to make a great party as always, so I would advise everyone who is attending EDC NY to come party with me!

6.Your success just keeps sky-rocketing. Who would you want to collaborate in the future? Also, who do you see as up and coming artists that you think people should watch out for?

Oliver: My dream collaborations would probably be with Nile Rodgers, Disclosure and Noisia. Nile Rodgers is one of my hero’s and he has made hit after hit with a disco vibe to his songs. Disclosure is just amazing when it comes to the real bass sound and Noisia just has an amazing and unique sound. I’m looking forward seeing Throttle play at EDC NY. He’s a really cool guy that you should keep an eye on.

7. What is one ritual that you have; whether it be something you do as part of your daily routine or while working in the studio?

Oliver: I don’t really have a ritual. Every day is different for me. Only thing that I do every day is Snapchat haha. So I guess Snapchat is my daily routine. So start following me! 😉 @oliverheldens

Be sure to catch his set at Kineticfield 5:50pm-7:00pm Sunday!

Thanks so much Oliver, it\’s been a pleasure.

-EDM Chicago