Elliphant\’s Revolusion gets revamped by ƱZ. The original track is super high energy and edgy with a twist of fun and in your face, in all the best ways possible. It\’s a song I could see a plethora of girls raging out to, maybe becoming their new \”get pumped up girl anthem.\”

From the opening beat I had a gut feeling that this would be a solid remix, lets be honest when does ƱZ ever sway you wrong. This track is the perfect combination of electronics and vocals, one\’s not overpowering the other, they are working in perfect harmony. The song builds oh so perfectly, and the drop catches you off guard. Which to me is quite refreshing compared to the repetitive and predictable tracks that are playing right now.

On a complete side bar, am I the only one when looking through his tracks and EP\’s that I feel like I\’m reading a teenage girl typing like tH!S. Though it does not diminish my love for ƱZ.