Just when the airwaves are exploding with producers layering Ellie Goulding\’s vocals over their own beats, Ellie evens the score by trying her hand at producing a 40 minute mix for Annie Mac.

If you\’re not familiar with Annie Mac, she is an Irish female DJ who\’s taste in music and ability to create a mix has earned her a 2 hour long show on the popular BBC 1 radio on Friday nights. Still not sure what that means? That means she\’s pretty damn good and well respected at what she does, and when she does something, people pay attention. She\’s truly an inspiration for any girls who want to break into the scene.

Ellie\’s mix is packed with slow, sensual R\’n\’B and an awesomely deep remix of Mariah Carey\’s \”Touch My Body\” by Cyril Hahn. She picks up the tempo with some hip hop to create the lead into her song with Detroit\’s Big Sean named \”You Don\’t Know\”.

The last song on the mix is a rare and unreleased track by her old flame and EDM superstar Skrillex named \”Because\”. Even after their break up the two have \”remained big fans of each other, nothing changes that.\” Could that be her distorted voice singing the words \”lovers hold on\”? The two have collaborated before i.e. \”Bittersweet\” and \”Summit\” [vh1.com]. At the MTV European Music Awards in November, Ellie told Dutch 3FM Serious Radio  \”most of her effort would be dedicated to the official song for the BBC Children in Need charity\” [thissongissick.com]. Could this be that unreleased track?

I wonder if the pair will have any more surprises for us in the future? With Ellie continuing to dip her toes into the DJ/EDM scene, I think we\’re sure to find out.

What do you think of Ellie\’s mix?