Electric Forest is known as one of the best festivals with fair pricing in the United States. The fun times, beautiful lights and closeness to nature make for some of the best memories you and your friends will ever make together. However, Electric Forest isn\’t a rookie\’s festival. It takes some forethought and planning ahead to know what you are going to need to subsist on for 4 days of camping and–of course–non-stop partying. You don\’t want to run out of sunblock or water or… what else? What else do you have to have with you to ensure the best time possible? Don\’t worry. We\’ve got that covered. There\’s so many ins and outs and tips and tricks of surviving Electric Forest you can learn to make sure nothing ruins your good time. If this is your first year in the Forest or you would just like to learn smarter ways to prepare for partying outdoors, we\’re here to sherpa you into the good life.

We have teamed up with Chicago\’s Safety Crew–a group of amazing party people who are Electric Forest veterans that promote safe and responsible partying to start a community conversation about what you need during your time in the forest. Head on over to The Safety Crew\’s Twitter @keepinitsafe to ask people who are veterans to that show any questions you may have. You can also find them on Facebook if you would like community feedback.  The Safety Crew is also a troop of kick ass people who commit random acts of kindness in a crowd. They come to festivals equipped with bottles of water and cool fruit and pass it out to people for free in hopes of making someone\’s day or making a new friend. They\’re a really great group of people who embody what our community is all about. Check them out and add your two cents to our Electric Forest Survival Guide!

All of the submissions will be compiled into a master list and shared on EDM Chicago before the festival so everyone can have a Survival Tips manifesto as they prepare their camp for the adventure of a lifetime. If we all learn from and help each other our experience in the forest will be absolutely unforgettable. Remember the Safety Crew\’s credo… have a good time, but Keep It Safe!