Music festivals are usually associated with great times with great people all listening to great music within a great atmosphere; however there are aspects about these euphoric paradises that aren’t all that great. Death is an unfortunate reality that lurks within the darker depths of music festivals. Overdosing, overheating, and dehydration are only some of the causes that end up taking the lives of the young and vibrant festival goers, and the Wednesday after EDC Las Vegas it claimed another young life.


Kenani Kaimuloa was only 20 years old, a middle child, and a loving daughter to both her mother and father. The young San Diego native set off to embark on a journey to Sin City to catch her favorite acts at the famous EDC Las Vegas Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Monday after the festival is when it all started to turn terribly wrong for Miss. Kaimuloa. As she and a few friends waited for the shuttle she collapsed to the ground and because of the traffic at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway the ambulances couldn’t get there in time. As the ambulance fought the traffic, this poor child fought for her life as she started to seize up.

Her temperature was at a dangerous degree of 110 by the time she got to the hospital and was placed in an ice bath however it was too late. She was declared dead on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 leaving behind a father who served in Iraq, a loving mother, and her two heartbroken siblings. Her father, Dane Kaimuloa said, \”When I walked in, I looked at the tube coming out. I\’ve seen death in Iraq. This brought it back.\”

This happens far too often within the music festival scene and the saddest part is that it can easily be prevented. Always remember to stay hydrated with water, pace yourself, and above everything, remember that alcohol only increases the chances of fatality. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the moment however it’s just as easy to lose your life so please remember to party smart and stay observant. Music festivals are not a sprint but a marathon; the only thing that matters is finishing the race. We all might think that we are young and invincible however it only takes a few bad decisions to remind us how precious life really is and how quickly everything can change.

Via: Billboard