If you are considering checking yourself into a rehabilitation facility to help yourself or a loved one get clean and sober, certain key aspects must play a part in your recovery. Not only is finding the best rehab facility a must-have for your recovery plan, but you need to make sure that the rehabilitation clinic can offer you certain amenities, services, and professionals that can help increase your chances of success on your quest to get sober.

But how can you choose the best rehab facility for your needs? If you’re struggling with substance abuse concerns, such as heroin use, cocaine use, opiate addiction, and much more, you might think this is the end of the road. If you have tried getting sober and it didn’t work, you might think this is a one-time thing.

However, you are wrong! You can always get help. If you seek help from an accredited and reputable clinic to help you get sober, stay sober, and learn life skills to deal with the pressures of substance abuse addiction, you can get your life back on track. Let’s see a few services and skills that a clinic must offer you to help you succeed in your process.


How a drug alcohol treatment center can help you succeed

If you are unsure about attending a drug alcohol treatment center, you need to do this for your mental, physical, and psychological health. Not only can attending a treatment facility help you kick your addiction, but it can help you learn new social and psychological skills that will help you later in life. By figuring out how to deal with triggers, how to handle stressful situations, and how to repair the relationship with your family and friends, you can avoid any setbacks along your quest to get sober.



The first service that a drug alcohol treatment center like The Edge Treatment must provide to increase the chances of your getting sober and recovering completely are the amenities. Although this is not the most important aspect of a treatment facility, the amenities are what make you enjoy your free time during your stay in recovery. If you choose a recovery facility that has no amenities and has a drab and depressing interior, chances are you will want to leave the facility – and we don’t blame you.

However, by choosing a facility that has an environment that is conducive to healing, safety, and exploring new parts of your identity, you can increase the chances that you will enjoy being there. Even though it can be hard to want to be in rehab, having a space with amenities – like indoor therapy centers, outdoor spaces, and pools – will help you feel like you’re living in a hotel or an apartment complex instead of being “locked” inside a drug alcohol treatment center.

Some of the most popular amenities that are typically offered at a drug alcohol treatment center include green spaces for outdoor picnics, reading, sitting in the sunlight, and walking around the campus. Furthermore, you can enjoy small art therapy centers – along with music therapy centres, sports therapy centers, and other rooms that are dedicated to specific therapy modalities. Not to mention, many drug alcohol treatment centers typically have a type of outdoor amenities – such as a walking trail, pool, or sports courts – to let you get outside, be active, and enjoy exercise once more.

Private rooms


The next way that a drug alcohol treatment center can help you get your addition is by providing you with a private room. In some cases, you may find that a drug treatment facility has a shared room – sometimes this can be helpful for your making a new friend and opening up to someone else.

However other times this can cause friction between yourself and the other person while you are trying to focus on your recovery. Instead, find a drug alcohol treatment center that offers a private room that is helpful to healing and safety. Make sure you find a private room that has natural light, windows, brighter colors, and space for you to sit at a desk to read, write, and think about important parts of our rehab process.

Private counseling


The next aspect that is a must-have when it comes to a drug rehab treatment center helping you get better is private counseling. Although group therapy is very helpful when it comes to making relationships with others in the rehab facility and learning that you are not alone, private counseling is typically the way that you can get to the root cause of your issue and the problem of why you are addicted to substances.

By providing yourself with licensed therapists and counselors who are well-versed in the industry, you can open up to them about how you are feeling, why you are feeling a certain way, and how you learn more about the root cause of your substance abuse addiction.

Customized treatment plans


The final way that a drug rehab treatment center can help you succeed is by providing customized treatment for you as an individual. Since everyone is different, every rehab is different – since every addiction is different! Therefore, you need to find a drug rehab center that does not use a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather personalizes its treatment plans to suit the needs of each individual patient.

Make sure you find a drug rehab treatment center that takes your questions and concerns to hear when they are coming up with your plan. If you say that you really enjoy doing outdoor therapy and walking as a means of expressing your emotions to your therapist, make sure you tell them – and they will include this in your treatment plan. Tell them a little more about yourself so they can learn more about you, your personality, your past, and your history with addiction.


If you are trying to find the best drug rehab treatment facility for your needs, make sure you find one that has the aforementioned qualities. Find a center that has amenities, private rooms, private counseling, and customize treatment to help you kick your addiction!