The genius behind \”Juicy Diner\”–the amazing track that featured beautiful vocal samples from Suzanna Vega’s “Joe’s Diner” coupled with the familiar rap from The Notorious BIG’s “Juicy”–has finally made his way to Chicago from Southern California. I absolutely can\’t wait for his set! Spearheading the movement of one of dance music\’s latest and greatest trends–\”G house\” or \”ghetto house\”–he perfectly blends deep basslines and hip hop lyrics to make a song almost anyone can enjoy. Another dance floor banger you have to hear is his remix with Animotion and Nate Dogg entitled \”You\’re My Obsession\”. HUGE track. His appearance is sure to be one of the best Spy Bar has seen in quite some time. Don\’t miss out!

Use password \”House of Chi\” at the door for free or reduced entry.

Check out some of Dr. Fresch\’s best songs below. This guy NEVER disappoints!

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