A Navy Pier spokesman recently confirmed that more then a dozen concert goers were taken to hospitals around Chicago during the Skrillex performance which happened last weekend. The reasons you may be wondering? Drugs, and alcohol consumption. Although no deaths have been reported yet, this is really shedding a light on all age concerts. The majority of people transported has been minors.

Andy Bazos, President of CrowdRX, which is in charge of medical safety for SFX, who made the show happen has said that he agrees that the age limit of concerts should be lifted. \”It has brought a young, crazier demo,\” he said, \”but also immature.\”

Its news like this we EDM lovers hate to see. If you\’re going to do drugs, which we do not recommend, know what you\’re putting in your mouth, and how much is too much to drink. What do you guys think? Should they make all edm events 18+? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NBC