You must have heard about Joe Rogan at least once in your lifetime, he is that famous. You might know him as the UFC commentator or the ex-host of the reality TV drama, The Fear Factor. Now whenever he is not voicing over the UFC matches, he can be heard in his podcast, which is available on various streaming services and platforms. Joe is quite known for his adventurous endeavors, such as practicing jiu-jitsu, hiking, and hunting, and most recently, he opened up about his journey of hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy has always been quite a controversial topic. However, it is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is completely based on science and medical knowledge and is done under the supervision of a medical practitioner. If you feel like you too might require a hormone replacement, then you can opt for online hormone therapy. This would save you time and you would find some of the best doctors available online to help you out.

Joe Rogan has recently opened up regarding his secret to his body and physique, which is a dream for many youngsters. The following article would help you uncover and understand some of them in detail while trying to answer the original question – Does Joe Rogan take hormone replacement therapy?

First Of All, What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Hormone replacement therapy was initially introduced to the medical field as a method to combat post-menopausal issues and symptoms in older women. It used estrogen and progesterone as the main hormones and was derived locally. With the advancements in technology, these started to be produced chemically in labs and factories and were derived from plant-based steroids, and have become a boon to many.

However, around the same time, it was noticed that many men were now producing unusually low quantities of testosterone. Therefore, the replacement therapy took a leaf out of its previous book, and testosterone replacement therapy was started. Both of these techniques have been quite useful for many people, men, women, and trans people alike.

What Do We Know About Joe Rogan’s Hormone Therapy?

Joe spilled the beans back in 2018 in an interview on the JRE podcast with Joey Diaz when he was asked about his fitness schemes. He said that he does “everything” it takes to maintain his physique and stay fit and at the very top of his game. He too knows that testosterone levels decrease with age and believes that the replacement therapy makes him better and stronger.

He has, however, very clearly mentioned that he has sought and only works on the advice of his doctors and does not endorse any sort of self-medication or drugs.

What All Other Medications And Supplements Is Joe On?


Joe has been quite active on social media and has posted about his daily life a lot. Moreover, he has shared an insight into what he consumes daily, be it food or other supplements. It was found that he takes whole food supplements, omega-3 carry acids, multivitamins, and additional vitamin D capsules regularly. These are supposed to keep him fit and active in addition to his meals. And not to forget the elk’s milk incident.

Additionally, it was also revealed that he takes replacement therapy for HGH, also known as the human growth hormone. However, the purpose of this in his life is not known yet, but it is safe to say he might be trying to add a couple of inches to his height.

Benefits Of TRT

TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy, is a preferred line of treatment for males with receding levels of the primary sex hormone and those with unusually low levels of the same. Low testosterone levels can pose many challenges and difficulties in the lives of people. It usually leads to low libido, hair fall, erectile dysfunction, reduced fertility, low muscle mass, etc. All these could easily frustrate the males and their partners alike, as libido plays an important role in a relationship. All this adds to the pressure and trauma of the individuals, making them feel low for life.

However, with the advancement of the medical field and care, all these issues could be easily solved and taken care of by hormonal therapy, the TRT. According to Joe Rogan, he started taking TRT when he was around 40 years of age. And he is an avid promoter of the same. He says it works 100%, and even backs his statements by saying that it does not matter how you get the testosterone into your body. What matters is it is in there and working. And evidently, it has been working pretty well for him.

How Is TRT Administered?


There are many ways you can get testosterone into your bloodstream. The easiest and painless way is the topical method. In this, you can apply topical creams on your skin that contain testosterone. The hormone is then slowly absorbed by your body, and eventually, it reaches your bloodstream. From there it does its designated work.

The second and probably the most common way is by injecting it directly into the circulatory system. There are small needles and syringes available in the market, especially for this with smaller diameters. These are injected into the muscles, such as the buttocks and the biceps. But sometimes, these are also injected into the belly fat as an insulin shot.

How Long Does This Therapy Last?

Like any other hormonal issue, if you start taking it once, then there is no going back. This is also because the body is not producing enough to maintain the levels naturally. Joe Rogan started using topical creams, but those were not satisfactory to him. He then switched to the intermuscular way and is now taking one shot every three days. This is quite similar to the natural hormone cycle and would be continued forever.


Whether it is Joe Rogan or any other prominent personality, it is quite evident that age spares none. And it becomes the duty of everyone to destigmatize the stigma that surrounds hormonal therapy if everyone wants a better and more fulfilling life.