So, you are starting with your exercise regime? Getting into a full workout regime could be very exciting, and we wish to do the right exercise the right way. It could be a nuisance to start a workout regime, and it has zero effects on our body, only to realize that it wasn’t the right one.

So, when we plan to have a workout regime as a part of our daily routine, we go to a nutritionist and get our diet fixed. Then we go to our favorite gym in town and get a membership, but do we really have everything ready?

Don’t you forget something?

Yes, pre-workout!

Pre-workout supplements have been a big deal in the workout industry as of now. They are known for providing you with the premium energy to finish every workout regime with perfection.

So, if you are someone who is planning to hit the gym soon but want to know a little more about pre-workout supplements and, most importantly, the timing which you should maintain, then keep reading.

What Is The Relation?


Why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon of understanding the biological reason behind maintaining a timing between your workout and your pre-workout supplement?

Now, according to the pre-workout supplement rule, there isn’t anything life-threatening associated with the timing of your pre-workout. However, you will still see pro-athletes and gym freaks do it religiously. This is because these supplements help you get the best out of the workout.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should time it properly between your pre-workout supplement and your workout is so important.

1. Work Out Supplements Are For Energy

Some have a very wrong notion about pre-workout supplements. They think it gives you more strength for your workout. In reality, it does nothing to your muscle strength. As it says in the name, it is a supplement for a better workout.

So, it will give you the right energy before a workout which will prevent you from feeling too tired or fatigued after one set. Therefore, if you start your workout way after the intake, the effects will eventually wear out. On the other hand, if you take just close to your workout, the effect might take some time to kick in.

Supplements can also help with your workout recover. Using a supplement like lion’s mane powder for post-workout is a great thing to add to your workout routine.

2. The Caffeine Effect


You will see that caffeine is one of the common ingredients which you will find in most pre-workout supplements. Caffeine is known for providing the utmost energy to the body. However, there is one more thing that caffeine is known for, wearing out your body right after the initial blow of energy drains.

Now, some supplements have activating ingredients which elongate the effects of caffeine. But, if you don’t, then the entire supplement intake could go to waste when you fail to take it at the correct time.

You take it too soon. We are talking about an hour before because, by the time you are finally all geared up to work out, all your energy is gone. If you are interested to see more about the ingredient, click here.

3. The Circadian

Circadian is basically your sleep cycle, which can get messed up even with a little jolt from its initial plan. We always recommend people work out in the morning or in the evening if they are taking these pre-workout supplements.

Sometimes the caffeine amount in these supplements could be so high that it can disrupt the circadian. Therefore, try not to consume these high caffeine-induced supplements after 4 pm in the evening if you wish to get to bed early.

The Million Dollar Question


Now, coming to the million-dollar question which you all have been waiting for.

When Should I Take My Pre-Workout?

According to experts, you are supposed to take your pre-workout within thirty minutes of you starting your workout. This is because caffeine reaches its epitome effect within 30 minutes of taking.

So, you can start your workout with good caffeine high!

Another Question!

Since everyone is asking about the timing, it is very common that soon they will ask about the measurement of intake as well.

The correct intake would be approximately 500g, which is 0.014ounces.

So, 500g of pre supplement workout supplement before thirty minutes of the workout is what you need to do for that perfect workout regime.

First Time!


There is a first time for everything, and you could be a novice in pre-workout supplements as well. So, you need to understand what happens the first time.

If you are someone who does not have a habit of taking caffeine and still would want to get accustomed to pre-workout supplements for a better workout, then your beginning could be a little difficult.

– For starters, you might experience mild-

– Feeling of Nausea.

– A little headache.

– Mild fluctuation of the heartbeat.

Now, you do not have to start panicking because these symptoms don’t stay for long. After a few weeks, you will find your body habituated to the idea of caffeine, and the symptoms will automatically slide.

Doctors and dieticians suggest that you take it slow. Too much excitement could be real poison. You might think that you will conquer every workout on the first day, and with that zeal, you consume a lot of supplements.

But this will only cause more nuisance, as you might face light dizziness and even vomiting. So, for the first few days, even if the energy level seems low because of fewer supplements, you must continue it. Increase the intake every month.

According to calculation, within every 5 hours, the caffeine in the supplement will lose half of its value. Thus, you will see a shift in your energy level. So, if your workout doesn’t involve too many weights and more cardio, you can take the supplement an hour before.


Supplements & You!

Your body’s relationship with your workout supplements is going to be quite an important one as long as you keep a heavy workout regime.

Thus, ensure that you are getting the right supplements. If possible, get some expert advice on the ones that you are buying.

Plus, take them at the right time!