DJ Snake is quickly becoming a household name. His breakout track \”Turn Down For What\” continues to dwell in the iTunes top 10 dance charts, and he recently obtained residency at Surrender Vegas Nightclub for 2014. Today he brings us this absolutely huge tune, remixing The Prodigy\’s classic \”Breathe\”. Now, as the day has progressed, some skepticism has developed around the track as some claim it to be stolen from young Seattle producer Breaux. The similarities are pretty clear, but we\’ve yet to see any comment on the matter from DJ Snake.  Whether this track belongs to Snake or Breaux, this tune deserves to be played out. Let\’s just hope the right person gets the credit. You be the judge; check out both tracks below:

UPDATE: This release does in fact belong to DJ Snake. Although the stems do trace back to Mercer and Breaux, all parties are \”on the same page\” and Snake is rightfully using their sounds. Here\’s some tweets on the matter from Mercer and Breaux.

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