Diplo, being a jack of all trades, a successful DJ, Promoter, Label head, and music producer, has now gained yet another opportunity; to be a TV producer. His fictional character, Major Lazer has been fighting for a position back on FOX, ever since 2011, when FOX decided not to cater 15 minute \’short\’ specials, and decided to focus more on primetime television.

Major Lazer has refused to stop fighting for the spot, and was now, given an opportunity to provide entertainment for it\’s audiences on channel FOX. The upcoming TV Show is due to debut in 2015, in correspondence to the third Major Lazer album. In addition, there will be featured collaborations on an exclusive soundtrack for the cartoon, featuring artists such as Riff Raff and Cat Power. And the audience need not to worry about Diplo\’s focus being taken away from music, the accompanying album has amounted to over 30 songs already completed. Diplo has also enclosed some information regarding a few upcoming tracks with Madonna.

The super-producer is also working with Lorde, Usher and Skrillex and is rereleasing his solo album “Florida” this year.





Author: Alexandra Shafran