Oh, the Internet-home of the master trolls and those who are gullible enough to fall for their tricks. Though we all laugh over the online nonsense people will believe, sometimes it is rather difficult to filter out fact from fiction. Keeping this in mind, it appears as though one of the 5 tracks that the DJ team Jack U, comprised of Skrillex and Diplo, will drop sometime this year will feature Diplo\’s boy Riff Raff and possibly Skylar Grey. What started off seeming like a normal Riff Raff Twitter troll has now been supposedly confirmed by Diplo responding to a fan\’s tweet regarding a song titled \”Drunk Girls\”. No more information regarding \”Drunk Girls\” has been released so I would not take this response to heart just yet. However, this Jack U album seems promising due to Skrillex and Diplo\’s track \”Dirty Vibe\” on Skrillex\’s latest album Recess.