Dillon Francis┬áhas introduced himself into the film world with his new movie \”Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse\”. The movie directed by Tye Sheridan, is about three boy scouts, who sneak into the party of the year to be like one of the cool kids, only to find there\’s no one there but a zombie stripper. The film is action-packed and ludicrous, which is probably why Dillon Francis was attracted to it.

At participating AMC Theaters across America, you can buy tickets for an early release showing, get free shirts, as well as have a super cool zombie Dillon Francis intro that won\’t be showed during it\’s regular showings. For the special people in New York who attend this fan experience, after the movie showing, you\’ll be carted off to an actual afterparty with an appearance from \”Dead Dillon\” himself.

Check out the event here to see if there\’s a participating theatre near you, to get your tickets.

And even if you miss out on the fan experience, check out the trailer to this zany film!