Just after announcing a June release date for his upcoming double-album, While (1<2)Deadmau5 has revealed a 25 song track-list for the full-length. The 25 tracks featured on while(1<2) were meticulously reedited, polished and pieced together into two continuous mixes for the largest album he’s ever done.

Pre-order for while(1<2) is available now here.

The track listing for deadmau5’s while(1<2) is:


1. Avaritia
2. Coelacanth I
3. Ice Age
4. My Pet Coelacanth
5. Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
6. Terrors in my head
7. Creep
8. Somewhere Up Here
9. Phantoms Can’t Hang
10. Gula


1. Acedia
2. Invidia
3. Errors in my bread
4. Survivalism Rmx
5. Silent Picture
6. Rlyehs Lament
7. Superbia
8. Mercedes
9. Bleed
10. Ira
11. Monday
12. A Moment To Myself
13. Pets
14. Coelacanth II
15. Seeya