deadmau5 cube

The past 24 hours have been very busy for EDMs favorite mouse. In between tag teaming Glenn Morrison with Madeon back into the shadow realm, Zimmerman took it upon himself to give fans more than just your average flame battle on social media. Flying nearly incognito, the mau5 slid a handful of video renders on his twitter and instagram under the guises, \”For My Pet Coelcanth\”, \”Snowcone\” and \”Sometimes Things Get Whatever\”.

These visuals are as cool as they come and while Zimmerman hasn\’t officially said that these will be on the grand ol Cube 2.1, its hard to believe he paid the money and resources to employ the insane talent that made these visuals to just keep them in the treasure chest. Check what he put out so far down below and just imagine that five times bigger than your screen…and on a cube.

Yes it does. @praystation

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Transition into snocone 😉

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