deadmau5 cube

Another day, another Deadmau5 article. For being a self-proclaimed introverted hermet, it seems this Joel guy doesn\’t quite know how to stay out of the headlines. In an interesting Rolling Stone article released yesterday in promotion of his sixth studio album W:/2016ALBUM/, the Toronto native talks many subjects, ranging from the very uncreative title of his album to his disdain for Marshmello.

When interviewer Ashley Zlatopolsky asks him about artists like Marshmello using helmets in their live acts, Zimmerman quickly corrects her:

Wait, did you say artists like Marshmello? You mean people like Marshmello? Let\’s fucking clear the air on this one. I don\’t care if you\’re wearing a fucking helmet, I don\’t give a shit – with that logic, I ripped off Daft Punk. The thing that pissed me off after awhile was the constant dick riding [on Twitter]. \”You trolled me, I trolled you\” – whatever. Don\’t pass it off as a marketing technique. According to social media, all I do is sit around and burn pictures of this guy.

She then asks him to follow-up on his 2014 remark that EDM was going to fuck itself. He cuts her off–

It already did in 2015. Where have you been? 85 percent crossed over. It\’s fucked. It\’s out of the innovators\’ hands; it\’s not really grassroots anymore. I\’m partially responsible – I\’ve done my part to commercialize shit. Oversaturation.

Second Follow-up for Zimmerman

Shit can go, and nothing really ever comes back. Disco evolved into Chicago warehouse, then there was techno; eventually it evolved into EDM. I\’m hard-pressed to think about a genre [that\’s as popular as it always was]. Nothing goes full-circle with music.

We respectfully disagree with Zimmerman that music, like everything in life, comes back around. It\’s not that we hate you deadmau5. It\’s that you make it so hard to like you.