Are you one of those interesting people who want to find a partner while exploring beautiful places across India? Well, it is pretty much possible as many people have succeeded in finding perfect matches while traveling. It raises the question of whether it is possible to date while traveling to India without putting any danger to their safety.

Although we recommend everyone to try dating at least once while traveling, proper precautions should be followed the entire time. If you have questions regarding this prospect, we suggest checking this post completely to get answers.

Never Sharing Personal Details without a Proper Talk

We have found many individuals who randomly find someone on the local market or a popular tourist spot and start sharing their personal details. It is strongly recommended to cut to the chase and meet a person a couple of times before beginning things unless you are looking for a one-night stand.

If you find someone trusting, it is time to take things to the next level. Following the necessary precautions will ensure safety and fun at the same time. Wait for the right time to make a move for the next step.

Social Media Talks


This technique can work when we make a long-term plan to travel to a certain Indian city. For example, you have planned to visit Jaipur in March and are looking to date someone there. In that case, we suggest looking for a few potential matches on social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook at least from January.

It will give you enough time to find the right matches and know them adequately. Please note we aren’t talking about Delhi call girls here as dating is the main motive in this case. It is always good to talk with someone on social media for a few weeks before meeting in person. Trust us; this technique will ensure you enjoy dating without compromising even slightly in terms of safety.

Informing Something About Your Location

The next thing we strongly recommend to enjoy dating while traveling to India is sharing your location with a loved one. It needs to understand that safety is the main priority and should be fulfilled at every cost. There should be someone who is aware of your location.

The Internet has tons of apps that can be installed in your phone to share the location. You can also think about shooting a message to your friend or a family member if things get out of hand.

Attending Famous Festivals


Tons of incredible festivals are organized in India annually. These occasions gathered thousands of visitors regularly. It includes National Youth Festival, Global Youth Peace Festival, Bangalore Open Air, Rose Festival, and many more.

Visiting these festivals will be your chance to find people with similar interests. They normally last for three days, meaning you will have enough time to get to know someone. You can even consider traveling further with that person if things go well.

Staying in Hostels

Another exciting method to enjoy dating while traveling to India and staying safe is hostels. The Indian hostels are a pretty exciting place having different types of youngsters from various backgrounds. They are a great choice for not only finding a date but also making friends that will boost your safety for sure.

That’s not all; people usually stay in dormitories in the hostels where they share a room with others. It means there are plenty of chances to know the person without worrying about safety.

Booking Group Trips

Going on an adventure with like-minded people is something you shouldn’t miss at any cost. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to enjoy solo or only with your friends, enjoying holidays with a group of strangers isn’t a bad idea.

There are plenty of companies, like Make My Trip and GoIbibo who regularly organize group tours to different Indian tourist places. In such tours, you can enjoy dating without worrying much about safety.


Visiting a Local Café Regularly

This step can mostly work for those on a long tour to a single city. However, we suggest making it a routine when you are at the same place for at least a week. If you keep visiting the same & popular café daily, you will meet many locals.

Sitting for an hour every morning or evening is ideal for checking the surroundings. It will allow you to know whether someone is interested or not. Also, safety won’t be compromised as you will meet a local girl from escort search who visits the same café daily.

Dating Etiquette in India

When traveling to India, it is important to understand dating etiquette. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, visitors should observe proper dating etiquette while in the country

In India, traditional values are still upheld and honored by many people and it is important to take them into consideration. For example, men and women may not touch in public and may need to be accompanied around town by a chaperone or family member.

Men should always make an effort to be respectful when approaching a woman for a date or meeting someone for the first time. Women should also exercise caution when choosing potential suitors as some less reputable individuals may try to take advantage of them due to expectations of leniency from foreign visitors.

Additionally, couples are expected to keep their relationships discreet while out in public as modesty and decorum are important values in Indian culture. Values such as patience, respect, understanding, peacefulness and hospitality should be kept in mind throughout. Couples should also ensure that their actions are saved for private settings where appropriate behavior can be exhibited without offending traditional values within society.


Dating while traveling is a cool thing that everyone should enjoy if possible. However, it is essential never to compromise the safety prospect. You should always follow the precautions mentioned by our team in this post.