It’s not just London, but dating is a general challenge. These days we don’t live in a world where marriage is the only thing we should be doing after meeting a partner. People want to know one another and spend some time before they commit to the same.

Marriage is a big step, and dating can be a small ladder towards that big step.

And if you are wondering what makes dating in London so different than anywhere else, then surely you are in the right place. As long as you understand your partner and have better compatibility, dating anywhere should not be a problem. But scenes of London dating are quite different.

1. Dating here is of practicing expiration dating


This place is called a transient city. At the same time, there are so many theories that stress the fact that love is eternal, but when it comes to jobs based on visas or students who have come through some program, well, it comes with certain expiration.

This means, if you are dating someone who is expected to go back to their location or they have the job for which they may have to keep switching from one location to another, then you cannot expect the dating to last long unless both of you prefer long distance. Besides, there is also an accent that becomes like a ticking clock. If you want to follow their timing, be it in Paris, Sydney or New York, then it should be a problem, but you will have to prepare yourself for the same.

2. A deal-breaker of Living in different zones

London is not just a small town. This is a huge city, and people from all across the world often come here for a job or trading. There are also some well-known universities for which students across the world struggle hard to apply for the same. This place within is huge. It means if you plan to go from Dulwich to Clapton Pond, it is going to take 90 minutes for you to reach. For so many people, it is quite difficult as they cannot even spare time to even travel that far. Rather it is much better to look at the RachaelsLondonEscorts rather than giving time to your partner. Imagine your partner being in such a location can be an issue which is why expecting dating here to last for a long time could be a challenge.

3. People have their relation with a career first


People in London are career oriented. This is one of the highly competitive cities in the whole world. Besides, they have to pay huge rent for their house which of course is not possible on their own. They would have to work hard and make sure they grow in their career every time so they can have stability in the monetary income as well. They don’t have free time so much to even go and enjoy a couple of beers with friends unless there is a weekend.

Besides, if you wake up at 6.30 am to go to work, you have to make your mind about getting squeezed into the overcrowded tube and then keep working till 8 PM. Hitting the gym for a bit is possible only after that. After all of it, if the time spares, then you might consider the option of meeting your friends for a good dinner or seeing your loved ones. In such a hectic schedule, getting time for dating itself should not be less than a miracle.

4. The syndrome that we all know as ‘What If’

Despite all the efforts that you do and somehow manage to find the person who shares the right computability as yours, then there comes a syndrome called ‘what if’. The time of commitment and seriousness in today’s era is very less.

The chance to make a relationship work for even a 6months has become a struggle. If we consider the London condition, well more than 8.3 million people live here. If you come across that one person from those millions of people, there is still a chance of rest other 7.3 people who more or less would be like them or even better.

Dating there is more like a trading up mentality, which makes it quite challenging to let you enjoy the moment that you are living in the present. If that is killing you inside, then probably you have realized that dating in London is a tough call, and you have to be ready for all the challenges that may come in the future.

5. Is the last Tube missing, well it can break or make the take?


Imagine everything is going so great, and then you realize that it’s time to act like a Cinderella, and the last tube will approach soon. You, of course, don’t want to miss out on that last tube; otherwise, the next day’s situation is going to be worse. In that case, you are left with just three options.

The first one would be to tell the office that you are going to be late and the have a memorable night with your partners. The other one would be to cut your night short and then catch the train, so you don’t miss out the next day. And lastly, just get an Uber which is going to be quite pricey for you.


In London, the culture of dating is quite different. Maybe you are playing hockey with the person, and suddenly you are in a relationship. It does not matter if you know the person; you just go with the flow. It is quite challenging to make set plans when it comes to dating.

The scope of two people to have overlapped free evening can be quite remote at times that even if it ever happens, it’s like you have to buy a scratch card for the same. By now, with the above ideas, it must be clear to you what makes London dating so different. So, if it’s in your mind, then better prepare yourself for the same.