Many of you might know Dan Bilzerian from the outrageous pictures he posts on Instagram displaying his lavish lifestyle. Girls, money, guns, cars, and cats are just some of the things he posts, and all of it reflects the immense amount of money he has, which primarily comes from his poker playing.

He seemed to have quite an altercation this past weekend at LIV Nightclub, where he was celebrating his 34th birthday. Steve Aoki was performing that night. As I said earlier, he has a strong love for women but his respect towards them can be questioned, especially from his actions this weekend. While he was at the nightclub women rushed on stage, and he proceeded to kick a woman who was blocking the other women Bilzerian was trying to help up.

All of this can be seen in the video below:

And to top it off he had a pretty opinionated response:


Dan Bilzerian has been banned from ever coming back to the LIV Nightclub in Miami for allegedly assaulting a woman.  Should his good friend Steve Aoki, stand out against Dan Bilzerian behavior??