Getting into a new home is a dream for almost all of us. But you should be careful too. It is highly possible that the locks are not working properly. Or is it is a password-protected lock, you need to change the passwords. If you have started to live in a new home, you need protection against burglars. Moreover, you do not want to put yourself in any kind of trouble.

Therefore, the first thing that you should do is change the locks. Because even if the locks are perfectly fine, someone might have an extra key to that. Likewise, the locks might seem alright but can have a functional problem. Therefore, irrespective of anything, you should first change the lock.

For example, you shifted to Chicago IL and you are new to that area. It is normal that you won’t know anyone there. Therefore, it would be difficult for you to search the area for a locksmith. If this is the case for you, you can go to

So why would you change the locks of your new house?


You should not allow unauthorized access

You do not want uninvited guests, any possible intrusions or break-ins in your home. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to change the locks. In addition to this, changing the locks will also prevent burglaries. When you move to a completely new area, someone might be keeping an eye on you. You are in a vulnerable situation at that time. Therefore, if burglars are keeping an eye on you, they might make their first move.

So instead of spending all your time unpacking your luggage, you should first call the locksmith. Before moving to the new location, analyze the area.

This will let you have a relaxed time. They are professionals at their job so they will do so. While you can spend the rest of your time unpacking your stuff.


What if the previous locks are completely fine?

Who damages the previous house before leaving it? Would you do so? No, right? Therefore, it is highly likely that the previous doors are just fine and the locks are in good condition. So would you change them too? Well, yes. You cannot do otherwise.

Although the locks are perfectly fine, it is possible that the homeowners had other keys. They might have given their home key to some friend or family member. People do so in emergency situations. Therefore, one or more keys to the lock might be somewhere out there. And you do not want someone else to enter your home right?

That is why, even with the perfectly functional locks, you should still need to change them. This is the best option for your personal safety and security. If you do not do so, you are putting yourself at risk.


For your insurance claim

One thing that you might not know but changing the locks of your new house is a condition by insurance companies. So if you have an insurance plan for such possible risks, the insurance company would like you to do so. They won’t just give away their money. Therefore, if you encounter a burglary or a theft, you won’t get a single cent from your claim.

They will straightforwardly reject your claim by saying that you did not take care of your security. Therefore, if you did not know about it before, you should focus on it now.

In addition to this, insurance companies look for forced entries. So if there are no signs of any forced entry, they will invalidate your claim. So if the previous residents have lost any keys or they have given it to someone and an intruder enters your home, you are at fault. You should have taken better care of this matter when you started living in this house. You were responsible for changing the locks.

Therefore, you should do a better job at your end and then you can ask the insurance companies too.


If you have lost your keys

Even if you changed the locks but you lost your keys, you should change the locks again. Not all the locks of your home, of course. Just change the one with lost keys. It is possible that you did not lose it and someone stole it from you. So if you do not change the lock right away, you might face an even bigger danger. So keep yourself at peace and protect your home against intruders.


Do not give your keys to someone

Unless you are living alone and you want someone as a backup, do not give your keys to someone. Our closest people break our trust. Therefore, if you are doubtful about someone and you have provided them with your keys, you should change the lock immediately. No need to take any risk with your safety.

In addition to this, a lot of people make mistakes by providing the house keys to repairmen. They want a plumber to do the job but they are busy. So they provide them with the key so that they can do the job. You should never do so. If the repairman is a person you trust, you can give them the keys. But what if they lose it? If it has already happened, you should change the lock.

Likewise, if you were sharing your place with someone and they moved out. They might have an extra key with them. Therefore, you should also change the lock.