San Francisco\’s Antiserum and Traplanta\’s Mayhem join forces frequently to produce some of the biggest bangers in the trap game today. If you don\’t know the work of this duo yet, I\’m actually kind of jealous of you–I wish it could be my first time all over again.

I would argue their best track to date is their remix of Helicopter Showdown\’s \”Can U Feel Me\”. Exciting build-up, perfect drop and a beat you never want to stop. This is the kind of song that once you hear it, you hope every DJ you see for the next month works it into his set. However, if you tried to say \”Brick Squad Anthem\” was their best, I wouldn\’t fight you. You gotta get up, because with that jam, it\’s time to get down.

Their latest release showcased two tracks that are the definition of swag: \”Cry Baby\” and \”Hustle\”. Firepower Records doesn\’t know how to disappoint and these two bangers are perfect examples of how well Datsik recruits excellent artists to represent his label.

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