Inquisitive gamblers have probably wondered how casinos make money since the games are random, and odds can go either way. The games you play at trustworthy and regulatory-compliant casinos are fair, and odds do not favor anyone, just like in Although that’s true, there are different methodologies casinos use to ensure that their bankroll does not suffer, and these methods do not make the gameplay unfair in any way. What are these techniques? Here is a list of them and explanations on how they work.

House Edge


The house edge is a reliable way for casinos to generate money, and the statistical advantage favors them. It is not uncommon for a casino to have a negative balance because of gamblers winning, but, in most cases, these sites and establishments benefit.

Essentially, it is a game of “win some, lose some” because there is no telling what the odds of the game will be. The House Edge is the amount of money that the casino is left with after all bets have been paid. For example, in a slot machine with 200 players spinning with $1 each, the casino will have $200.

If there is a player that won $50, that means the house edge will $150. You also stand a chance to make more money in certain cases, which is why you should take advantage of no deposit bonus codes. If you would like to get a casino promo code, keep a close eye on Gamblizard and other popular gambling newsletters.


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Comps are one of the most legendary ways that online and land casinos make money. You can consider comps as rewards for being loyal clientele. To be eligible for this reward, there is a card issued to yourself.

The card tallies all the games you have played, and the amount of money spend. Another factor that goes into consideration is the amount of time spent playing these games.

When your bet sizes are large, you are much more prone to getting these rewards that can range through a variety of prizes. For example, you might be offered an extra percentage of the total bankroll, or the casinos can offer tickets to a show or use other incentives. Using comps to make money seems like an unwise way to generate profit when considering it at face value.

The truth is, casinos saw the value of large bet sizes and consistent gameplay, and that is why they used this strategy to their advantage. Comps are great because they are advantageous both to casinos and gamblers because of the awesome prizes. All you have to do is get the best PC for online casinos to extend your screen time and stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

The Handle

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The handle is one of the most common ways casinos make money at table card games. For a casino to make money, the total amount of bets should be high, and that is why most casinos have a minimum wager limit.

If a casino permits low wagers, they will make less money on average, whereas a higher amount puts the gambling site or establishment on the safer side. Then, there are some popular games that the casinos have to go with to maintain the user base. But they are the ones where odds of winning for the gamblers are higher compared to any other game, and Baccarat is a classic example of that.

Even if there will be times when the tables do not have enough players, but with a single game, the casino can make a lot of money. For example, allowing a total handle of $750 per game consisting of $2 to $5 bets might not be profitable.

Whereas, a handle of above $4,000 consisting of $25 wagers can increase the chances of the casino making real money. In just an hour, a casino can make $4,000 increasing the prospects of making a fortune in the long run.


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There are various ways that casinos use to make their money, but that does not mean they are all crooked or untrustworthy. In most cases, it is a game of statistics and mere luck. If a player makes more than the casino, it will be on the negative side of its balance sheet. Whereas, if players lose their money often, the casino will make a fortune from the house edge caused by these losses.