Modern technology and the development of telecommunications have brought great benefits to all mankind. Progress in this field has contributed to tremendous development both at home and in business. Communication, data transfer, fast connection… all this has improved the functioning at all levels.

The development of structured cabling began in the early 1980s and continued through later years. Performance was systematically developed and improved, equipment, price were reduced, and the quality and speed of information flow were raised to a higher level. Today, life without modern telecommunications is unthinkable. We almost don’t remember the previous ways of communication and we wonder how it was possible to do the job in such a slow way, full of aggravating circumstances.

What is structured cabling service?


As we are told by the experts from structured cabling system means a complete hardware infrastructure consisting of several parts. It covers business buildings, housing units, hospitals and its equipment, with its network, which connects computers, telephones, alarms … And everything that is necessary for a company or household. Each structured cabling system is unique. Its positioning and the necessary equipment depend on several factors:

-from the building in which it is installed. Different architectural specifics, the materials from which they are built, require different approaches when installing.

-of the client’s requirements, needs and solvency

-from existing installations and their capacities and potential upgrades and additions of new parts

-from whether the system already exists and to what extent it is compatible with the new one

Necessary equipment


All equipment must be in accordance with applicable state standards, and the team that does it must be certified and professional. It is inadmissible to experiment with equipment, use untested parts, and the same applies to people working on the installation. No need to save, there should be no reason to install something of poor quality or in an unprofessional way.

Components of structured cabling installations include the following parts: entrance facilities, horizontal and vertical backbone pathways, horizontal and vertical backbone cables, telecommunications closets, cross-connect facilities, multi-user telecommunication outlet assemblies, transition and consolidation points. So, it is a set of cables that connect and cover different systems. These can be alarm systems, then for heating, video surveillance – so everything you need for a business, residential building or private house.

With the advent of wireless connection, wi fi system, as a new achievement, the question arose whether the cable structured system is outdated and obsolete. This is especially discussed in business circles, where it is known that, in times of great competition, the speed of communication is often crucial for doing business. With many advantages of the wi fi network and the importance of its role, the cable system is not to be rejected, due to its own benefits.

1. Supports many different systems and apps


Structured cabling system is ideal for connecting to other, already existing, systems in an existing location. Today, companies have servers in several locations, and such business is not easy to reconcile.

According to CorpNetworking, a company that offers network installationa and software and hardware hosting, setting up this system enables the connection and holding of remote meetings, monitoring and inspection of monitors, and thus the harmonious and successful functioning of your business.

2. Stability

The advantage of cables over wireless transmission is in stability. Here, it is rare for a connection to ‘break’ and to be left without a signal in the middle of something important. This is a significant benefit, one of the most important and should be kept in mind when choosing.

3. No downtime

In the previous paragraph, we talked about stability, and stability is exactly what will prevent downtime. Downtime is detrimental to any business. The more frequent your phone lines or website are down, or the longer it lasts, the more customers you will lose. You will lose some new ones who will not be able to reach you so they will go elsewhere, as well as some old clients who will be tired of waiting. Of course, downtime once in a while is not a reason to panic, because everything is occasionally down, except Bitcoin, which has not had a downtime for more than 10 years, but it is important that it be as rare as possible, and a structured cable system will help.

4. Easy maintenance and handle


Properly installed, this system is extremely easy to handle. Without any effort, anyone can be trained to work using it. It is long-lasting and does not require any special subsequent investments.

5. Good price

If you have decided on a seriously designed structured cabling system, by an engineer, especially for your needs, then you have made a good business decision. Once designed and installed, in the right way, by experts, it will pay off. The price you paid then will be a negligible item in relation to the benefit you will receive over many years. Your business will be supported in the best possible way, without sudden troubles and unwanted situations.

6. Scalability

In addition to stability, this system has another good feature, and that is high-level scalability. Every novelty, change, improvement of the system can be easily adapted to the existing one. As your business grows and expands, so will your structured cabling system keep up with emerging needs. The possibilities for his improvement are great and you will certainly not be betrayed or disappointed with his future performance.

7. Security

In the cyber world, this is a crucial and unavoidable item. Important data related to the functioning of your company can hardly be compromised. A unique security system, which includes access only to an authorized user, fully protects all your business secrets and achievements.

8. Better communication


Telephone communication, supported by this system is much better and of better quality. Signal and connection problems are almost non-existent. The quality of the connection is also constant, so this is a significant advantage over wireless communication.


From the above we learn that the structured cabling system is able to respond to the demands of modern business and market in the best possible way. It can, completely, compete with wireless telecommunication systems and does not lag behind them at all, even in many segments it has an advantage. You will not go wrong if you decide to invest in it, on the contrary, you have many years of safe and successful business development and business success, supported by this classic and reliable system.