When we talk about forestry, we may think that there is nothing too complicated in cutting down the trees, repairing the trails, managing the whole process of maintaining the environment, and so on. But, the truth is there is a whole science behind that, and at the same time, it’s a combination of studies, art, and practice for growing and improving the way the trees and forests live in our environment. Most people think it’s only about cutting down and replanting the trees in the forest, but it’s a lot more than that, including control of the erosion, taking care of wildlife and their natural habitat, water management, maintaining the recreation trails, and of course, this means a lot of open job position for this type of professionals, named foresters.

Also, it requires advanced equipment, so the job can go smoothly. Some things in nature can’t be controlled with our hands, and machines are needed to maintain the whole process. Owning proper equipment is a must if you want to be successful in this field and get the job done correctly. That means you will need to invest in it, but before you buy the first machine that you see, you need to know a few things, such as:

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1. The budget and how much you can go over it

This is the first step you need to take when deciding to buy something big, as forestry machines, a new home, a vehicle, a weekend house, and so on. Also, every person should be aware that sometimes the offer may not fit the budget, so when you plan your expenses, you always should know how much over that you can afford. Always look for better deals, which means you will need to take your time and make research until you have a whole list of products to compare, and also, check the company’s and manufacturer’s background, and read relevant users’ experience, so you can have a clear picture of what you are buying.

2. Choose a reputable seller

It’s not just to find a good deal online. As you can see on uniforest.de, you must choose the best for your money, but what you choose, should be provided by a reputable dealer or seller. The company should offer machine service and maintenance with a proper warranty period. When buying this equipment, you are not a client – the seller becomes your long-term partner who will be there to provide the needed support when something doesn’t work properly. If the collaboration is good, you can recommend the dealer to the people who are doing the same, and the best thing is that the warranties last a few years, which saves a lot of money too when it comes to the regular service.

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3. What do you need the equipment for?

You have to know the answer to this question before you visit the dealer. That means, you will need to know the area you will work on, how old are the trees, when it was recovered last time, the type of the soil, and so on. Maybe you will need additional equipment so you can perform the task properly. All of those things will let the seller know what machine size and power you need, without having to risk that you will buy something that won’t be useful for you.

4. The climate conditions may affect the choice

The weather forecast allows us to see how the climate will change through time, and you can predict how it will be on the day you will work. It may come unexpectedly to you, but not every machine can be used while it rains, or right after the snow when there is ice in the deeper layers of the soil. If it’s too hot, you may need an advanced cooling system for the mechanical equipment. There are a lot of things to think about before this huge investment, so don’t hurry to buy them immediately, before examining every condition.

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5. Can you buy used machines?

The forestry equipment can be very expensive, but there are some machines that can be bought second-hand. You will only need some tiny reparations, so you can be sure they will work properly. Some of the dealers and suppliers may offer you used tractors, and other equipment, depending on your budget. If that looks suspicious to you, ask them if they repaired the problems, or you will have to do that by yourself. Sometimes the previous owners decided to sell their machines because they need something else, and their condition is great, especially if they were technically maintained all the time.

6. Look for online options

Sometimes you can buy great equipment directly from the previous owner, especially if you go for second-hand options. Also, some manufacturers collaborate with online sellers, and you can find great deals and discount coupons. When you shop online, you can become a part of a loyalty program, and use all the benefits they provide for their customers. In this case, a background check is highly recommended. It can be pretty easy if the seller is near you. This check will help you decide if it’s worth buying a used machine, or you need to go for a new one. Sometimes, resellers don’t offer service and maintenance, and you will have to pay for that, because the warranty may be expired. So, it’s on you to decide how much risk you can take, and how much money you can afford to give on forestry equipment, and then start shopping.

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Just like everything else, the purchase of forestry machines should be a planned action, and you must be sure you can afford everything you are willing to buy. But, you have to know that if you do that professionally, you have such a great role in nature and society, because you and your company are taking care of the environment, and keeping the forests clean and accessible for recreational purposes.