In our opinion, installing the right lock is as important as choosing the right door for your property. No matter how durable the material of your door is or how aesthetic it looks, it has no advantage if you don’t have a suitable system installed on it. To make a door function properly, you must install the right equipment that suits your security demands. A lock is an important part of door hardware and must not be overlooked at any cost. There may be different reasons that compel you to consider replacing your door locks, such as buying a new property, losing spare keys, or just wanting to upgrade your security system. Whatever the reason is, remember that installing the proper type can add value to your home. Therefore, you should choose it really carefully.

Here we are discussing a few factors that one must keep in mind before buying a new one.



It is important to note the location of your door for which you are going to buy a new lock. There are many different types that have different features and security ratings. These features make it perfect for one type of door while useless for another one. For instance, you can install your main entry door does not need to be installed on your kitchen or bathroom doors. We usually need one that offers a higher level of security for the exterior door and garage door. However, we can afford to install with lesser security ratings on the interior doors.

Type Of Lock

Where you want to install, how much robust security system you want to set up also reflects the type of security you will particularly need for a door. Since each door has a different function consisting of passage, entry, and privacy, their need for a doorknob or deadbolt installation also varies. The typical residential types include handle sets, doorknobs, deadbolts, smart locking systems, and door levers. Each of them offers a different level of security, and therefore, to pick the right one for a particular door, you have to consider the location and security needs.


Security Grade

Just like there are different parameters to measure the durability of the material used in door manufacturing, a security grade number is assigned to a particular locking system determining its durability and lifespan to which it will be effectively working. These grade numbers are given by the manufacturers after testing the performance. With the help of their grading or rating numbers, one can tell about the number of cycles to which the lock can withstand without any damage or deterioration. While buying a new one, you must ask about its grading to know if it is durable enough to fulfill your security requirements.


Over time, advanced features have been introduced into different types that help upgrade your residential or commercial security. Smart technology with remote features and automation plans add a layer of security to your property. However, you may not need highly advanced features for interior doors. So, you have to discover which special features you want to invest in for your new door locking system.


Final Words

We have tried to deliver the necessary information that you must acquire before buying a new one, considering the above-mentioned factors when you are planning to replace it. They will define how strong a security system you are going to have for the safety of your property, loved ones, and valuables.

You can Also Hire a Locksmith Instead

Most Locksmiths Have Fully Equipped Vans With all the types of Locks it usually costs about the same price from your local store but you actually get ones with higher security. Locksmiths buy the supplies from the suppliers so they get better quality for cheaper, so when you call a locksmith you can expect high-quality deadbolts, door knobs for much less.

Also, one thing that will save you a lot of time and money is when you purchase a few Locks from a locksmith company they usually fit it already on one key for the same price. so all the doors will work on one key and that is usually what everyone wants.

Locksmiths are also able to do Fresh Installation on Doors so if you want to add a deadbolt on your door for example the locksmith will drill a new hole on the door and put another lock for you to secure your door more. You can contact they work in many areas around the United States and they will be more than happy to answer your question seven days a week.


How did Locks Change over Time?

About 10 years ago there weren’t any Smart or Keyless Locks, they had to use keys just like cars, today there are cars that you don’t need a key anymore they have a keyless entry that you can leave in your pocket or bag and start the car with a click of a button, same with the smart ones they are one of the best to have these days because you will never need your key again to open your house door, smart ones have usually a fingerprint or code to unlock the door. One of the good things about smart locks is that they are picked proof so if someone tries to open your door the only way to get in is to drill it, and drilling will most likely wake up everyone around you. Today there is no such thing as a lock that cannot be opened, but the security helps to make it harder for someone to break in. Locksmiths usually recommend adding a second one on the door (deadbolt) to make it the most secure. You also have smart deadbolts these days to make it easy.

It is recommended to call a Professional Locksmith to do a proper installation and to make sure that everything works correctly after the installation, there are many situations where people get locked out after changing their door knob or deadbolt.