Eyes are one of the most prized possessions that the universe has bestowed upon the human race. A functional pair of eyes is something many people long for, and it is also something that some of the others take for granted mostly.

There are many problems associated with eyes if one is not careful enough, of course, these are all apart from the congenital ones. One of the most common is blurry vision.

You could have a blurry vision for a variety of reasons, such as eye strains, dry eyes etc. This can be very irritating and might lead to further complications if not treated at the earliest.

Another quite common cause for blurry vision are refractive errors. Refractive errors are the type of vision problems that can happen for a number of reasons, such as change in prescription or power of accommodation of the eye(s), enlarged curvature of the eyeball, etc.

However, you need not worry about this anymore, as it has become very easy to get these corrected and treated, thanks to the advancements in the medical field. For instance, you can opt for a refractive lens exchange.

If you feel that your vision has gotten a bit blurry in either of your eyes, then it should be dealt fast and with utmost caution. But do not worry, as the following article has got you covered, and has all the necessary details that you should know, along with what to do when this situation arises:

Seek Medical Advice


Of course, this might seem the most cliché thing to do, and you might as well feel that it needs no mentioning. However, many times, in the heat of the moment, people tend to forget the importance of this step and skip the basics.

Seeking professional and medical advice would actually help you figure out why your eyesight has gotten blurry.

While it is not usually concerning to have a blurry vision in one of the eyes, it should not mean in any way that it could be completely ignored. There can be many underlying reasons for the same, and getting a check up in time would help you figure the reasons out earlier, making the treatment much easier and pocket friendly.

Get A Blood Work Done


If you are already suffering from diabetes or if it runs in your family, then you should consider getting a blood test done. This would help you get a clearer picture of two things. First if you have diabetes, or any diabetes related issues and secondly, whether your blurry vision is caused due to any increased glucose levels.

It is a well known fact that an increased blood glucose level can trigger eyesight issues, such as glaucoma and cataract, other than the other list of diseases.

Additionally, diabetes usually leads to an elevated blood pressure than the normal range. This can cause tension and increase pressure on the blood vessels, including the super fine vessels inside the eyes and around the retina, causing complications such as diabetic retinopathy.

This can also lead to permanent vision loss if you fail to manage it early. All these could be avoided if you keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and make some healthy changes in your lifestyle.

Get Some Rest


This might sound unreasonable to some. However, studies have found that stress and fatigue can also add to the list of potential reasons why someone’s vision gets blurred. If you feel that you have been overworked or are getting drowned in the immense work load and pressure, then it is advised to take a few days off and get some rest.

You can go for a mini vacation and rewind your life, or you can simply stay at your place and have some long and warm baths. Taking a walk in the greenery, like a local park or forest, also helps to reduce any strain from the eye muscles, and thus, reduces the blur.

Moreover, you would like to cut some caffeine out of your life for a few days, as caffeine makes you more energetic, and interferes with the normal sleep wake cycle of an individual.

Watch Out For Signs Of Stroke


One of the many signs of a stroke is blurred vision, and that is what makes it so dangerous sometimes. It is a symptom, however, please be assured that it is not a confirmatory symptom, and every time when someone has a blurry vision, they are not experiencing a stroke.

If you have experienced or are experiencing any other stroke symptom, such as strange and sudden confusion, motor functioning mismatch, severe migraine or headache, then seek medical help as quickly as possible. There might be an underlying issue that would trigger such responses in your body, and would be found and diagnosed by doctors immediately.

Taking Care Of Your Eyes


Taking care of your eyes is no rocket science, but it needs to be done with precision and care, as eyes are very delicate and could be harmed very easily.
Firstly, it is advised to rinse them with cold water every morning before you start your day. This would also make you feel rejuvenated.

Secondly, get an eye test done every six months, or twice a year. This would help you keep a record of your prescription and power, and also would help you to know if you need additional professional help.

Lastly, consult with your physician or optometrist and change your lifestyle to a healthy one. Include green leafy vegetables and carrots in your diet and you could see improvement in your eyesight soon.


No one wants to get distorted and blurry vision for any reason, as it would make the day and all the day’s work quite hard and troublesome. This could be caused due to a lot of reasons, and is usually non-threatening.

However, in some cases, it can cause some serious damages, including complete vision loss if not detected and treated early and properly. Therefore, it is advised not to ignore any of the issues or infections related to eyes.