LA producer duo Bixel Boys, known for their unique tracks and remixes, have voiced their anger towards Dada Life\’s label, Dada Land, after they chose to upload an \”unfinished draft\” preview of the duo\’s remix to Dada\’s \”Freaks Have More Fun\”. Without wasting anytime, Bixel Boys took to Twitter to address the situation, and let fans know that the preview posted does not represent their finished work.


Lol leave it up to the label to post an out dated draft version of your song

— #FREELIFE CARTEL (@bixelboys) December 22, 2014

apparently deadlines are more important than a quality product — #FREELIFE CARTEL (@bixelboys) December 22, 2014

feeling very embarrassed/ashamed that people have to hear that type of product with our name attached to it. Even if it is a preview.

— #FREELIFE CARTEL (@bixelboys) December 22, 2014

And here\’s the preview they\’re talking about:

Now despite a few very minor flaws, the remix itself doesn\’t sound horrible – just a little rough around the edges. However that being said, it is nice to know that it isn\’t the final product, especially coming from Bixel Boys. Who do you think is at fault here? Let us know in the comments below, or via Twitter and Facebook.