Managed VPS is a virtual private server that, when you encounter any issues when using it, the hosting provider is the one who is responsible for fixing it. Thus, managed VPS has the same characteristic as shared hosting. Therefore, for those who do not have the capabilities to set up the VPS server may see managed VPS as their IT solution.

Hence, when you apply for managed VPS, the service providers will do the initial setup and configuration of your virtual private server. Also, the provider will assist you in doing technical guidance and support, software, operating system, and even monitoring and maintenance.

This is perfect if you think that you do not possess the skills required to manage a server. Managed VPS is the answer that you seek if you want to utilize a VPS server. Even more, this article will help you to understand anything you need to know about managed VPS. We cover it all for you, from its advantages to tips in choosing the best managed VPS service provider. If you are looking for a fully managed VPS hosting provider, AccuWeb Hosting might be the best choice for you. All VPS hosting plans are scalable and powerful at an affordable price.

Do I need managed VPS Hosting?

To answer the question, let us imagine if, at this moment, you have a developing business. In order to maintain and improve your business, you desire to use a server to support your business website. At the same time, you do not have the time to learn about server management. Of course, you can commit to learning about it, but who is going to manage your business while you busy learning about server management from the basics. Based on that scenario, it would be best for you to apply for managed VPS hosting service. In doing so, you can stay focused on your department and let the hosting provider like deal with the specialized tasks of operating your business website.

To encourage you more to utilize managed VPS, below are the holistic explanation of managed VPS service:

1. Full Root Access

It implies that you gain full access to your server. Because managed VPS is exclusively for you, it is separated from the other servers. Hence it enables you to modify it based on your interests.

Source: Tech Express Hub

2. Simple Management

As mentioned above, utilizing managed VPS server allows you to focus on your business department. SO you do not have to bother yourself with the server management. Whereas the specialized aspects of your server like maintenance and management are the duty of the hosting provider.

3. Automatical Resource Arrangement

Using managed VPS gives you the perk of instant allocation for server resources, like CPU, RAM, and OS. Besides, it is easier to scale the resources when you think that your website needs bigger resources requirement.

Source: CloudSigma

4. Cost Saving

Related to the second advantage, because you do not have to deal with the server’s technical elements. You do not need to hire an IT expert in your business.

5. Protection

This one is the most significant aspect whenever you are running a website, especially for business purposes. By using managed VPS, you get the advantage of a dedicated hosting service. So you will have a unique IP address for your site.

Source: DEV Community ?‍??‍?

Is managed VPS better than shared hosting?

Due to the similarity between managed VPS and shared hosting in terms of service management. It might be difficult for you to see the upper hand of a managed hosting from shared hosting. Speaking of digital solutions, these two hosting services provide solutions, especially for those who do not have the time to learn about servers from scratch or those who start learning and creating their first website.

A managed VPS distinct itself from shared hosting in terms of resource usage. When using shared hosting, your website can experience downtime or even slow loading page speed. This can happen because you have to share the resource usage with other websites, and when another website is using the resource extensively, your website may not be running smoothly.

On the other side, when you are using managed VPS, even though you are still sharing the server with other websites. The virtualization machine enables you to have your own dedicated resources, so you can avoid the lousy neighbor issue when using shared hosting. This is crucial; significantly, when your website runs very slow, it can increase the bounce rate, affecting your search ranking on Google. For this reason, managed VPS is more superior to shared hosting.

However, the answer could be very different if you are limited on your budget. In this case, shared hosting is the appropriate solution for you. Once again, if you are a business owner and do not want your concentration divided between your VPS hosting management and your business, then managed VPS is the right choice for you.

Source: The HostPapa Blog

Who is the best managed VPS hosting provider

In picking the best managed VPS service provider, you might sometimes get confused about all the providers’ hosting plans. Even though you already have your own list of potential providers that you are interested in. It is still going to be a problem when it comes to hosting plans.

In terms of choosing the correct managed VPS hosting plan, you have to consider the resouces that they provide for you, afterward pay attention for the additional features that you can get. From the VPS resources, pick the plan that suits your website needs the most, like RAM, bandwidth, disk space, etc. Identifying your website needs will help you in choosing the right hosting plans.

The best managed VPS provider for you is a company that can deliver their hosting plans in a language that you can understand. So you know what you get when utilizing their hosting service. Assuming that you have found a hosting service provider that can the hosting package in detail and with simple language, even provide you some sort of money back guarantee, you definitely have to stick with this one. However, if for some reason you do not get any of these, you should move to another hosting service provider.