We all live fast-paced lives, which is exactly why we have busy schedules and time restraints that can put a halt in your ability to take your furry sidekick for their daily routine strolls. The workplace demands, pet-unfriendly vacations, or simply taking a break from dog duty are all commonplace for any and all loyal dog owners, and no matter what, you’ll still want the absolute best for them while you’re away. After all, it’s never easy to leave your pup with someone that’ll take care of them, which is why you’ll probably strive to find the best person for them.

The thing is, San Francisco is a really big city with a saturated market for dog walking services, both local and far-reaching. This is why you might be wondering – how can I find the best dog walker services in San Francisco? Luckily for all dog owners, the article below will feature some important information that you might find useful, so without further ado, let’s check out some top-rated local options first – as referenced by Kev’s Blog before you consider one of the most popular app-based platforms which have brought a new level of convenience to the hunt for a fitting dog walker:

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The Best Local Dog Walkers in San Francisco

The very first thing that you should know is that there are three, most revered dog walking groups locally in San Francisco, including 360 Dog Walker, Citizen Hound, and Doggies Business.

  1. 360 Dog Walker: This particular company was founded back in 2012, 360 Dog Walker is a go-to option for owners who want their dogs to receive their daily dose of exercise with the utmost care and safety. Each of the walks that your pup will be a part of is off-leash and it’s also carried out in smaller groups, hence, you’re dog won’t be caught in a hoard of tightly packed and nervous pups. The company has even partnered with Nom Nom, an industry leader in fresh pet food, which means that dogs receive healthy treats throughout their walks. Service packages come in weekly and monthly forms on a subscription basis. You can check out their website here.
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  1. Citizen Hound: This local and experienced team of walkers is noted for their ample customer service alongside providing comfortable walks for each of their tail-wagging and happy clients. You should know, it’s a larger operation, meaning that there are more advanced features available with Citizen Hound. The services they provide include customized pack placements, more availability, reliability, and security, a better response rate, as well as last-minute bookings for late walks, vet visits, and of course, dog sitting. If you want to, you can check out their website to get a better understanding of their awards, services, and pricing.
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  1. Doggie Business: If you’re searching for a dog walking service that keeps your dog’s health and fitness in mind, Doggie Business could be the local San Francisco option that you’ve been searching for all along. Their trusted and experienced walkers will take your dog for a 90-minute walk or hike, and they even provide transportation if needed, since these grouped excursions often last around four hours in total. If you have an older dog, there are hour-long group walks offered as well for those pups who tire out quickly. The unique offering here is the long-lasting socialization and exercise that Doggie Business delivers, which will improve your dog’s overall health and well-being on both a physical and more importantly, social level. Doggie Business does offer group walk, group play, and home boarding services which can be further investigated and examined on their website.
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App-Based Dog Walking Platforms to Consider

All the advancements in technology and the mobile world has brought ease to the world of dog walking, which means that owners could simply sign up on Wag or Rover in order to find a walker in a few minutes and at a reasonable and suitable rate. Both of these options and services can be accessed either online or via their websites, and if you want an easier and more popular option, you could ever download and access their services through a mobile app. There are different options for each of the platforms.

For starters, Wag poses three important options – a 20-minute, 30-minute, as well as an hour-long walk which can easily be scheduled on-demand or in advance. You should know, the company does have fixed pricing for each of the aforementioned options, and the prices range from 15 dollars and go all the way up to 30 dollars for the most expensive service – a 60-minute walk. Depending on your preferences, and of course, your dog’s walk and exercise needs you could opt for a specific timing that suits your schedule.

On the other hand, Rover will allow walkers to set their own rates, which means that the pricing will often prove to be lower than the fixed costs Wag’s offer. If you opt for using the Rover route, you will need to choose between two options – a scheduled 30-minute walk or an hour-long walk. Keep in mind, there isn’t an option for on-demand services, meaning that you’ll have to schedule each of the walks in advance and on time. If you don’t do this, you probably won’t be able to hire the services you’re looking for.

You should know, both of these choices will allow owners to select their preferred walker, which can be based either on a preceding experience or a collection of great reviews. Hence, before you open the website or application, you’ll want to do some digging and check out the reviews different walkers have. After all, you’ll want the best walker for your furry companion, so, don’t forget to read the testimonials previous clients had.

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So whether you’re opting for a local option to support the dog walking community of San Francisco, or simply looking for a fast, convenient option for on-demand or scheduled walks, these resources are sure to shorten your hunt for the perfect dog walker in the Bay Area.