Cryptocurrency trading is becoming very common and new investors are trying to get in the action. However, like any other financial investment, there are certain principles and rules that one cannot avoid. There are a lot of factors that govern the stability of a particular cryptocurrency which needs to be understood in order to trade better and make a profit in the long term.

Whether it is Bitcoin or altcoins like Ether or Doge, the overall practice of trading works on the same principle. But rather than giving tips to follow one also needs to know the mistakes to avoid. Here are some common Swyftx crypto trading mistakes that new and old investors often make.

Going in Without a Goal


Knowing your goal simply means that you understand what you stand to achieve after investing your money in any digital currency. It will help with making a strategy later on because based on your goal you will have to invest and approach the investment accordingly. Even if you are investing in cryptocurrency because everyone else is doing it, try to outline what you stand to achieve from it.

Going in without a goal is a major mistake because one needs to understand the extent of success or failure. There are many factors like price volatility and investor community that determine the stability of a digital currency. All of these are important to feel secure in your trading practices. Acting for a strategy without a goal will not help in achieving anything because you would not know where to begin or how to stop.

Not Having a Plan

Now that we have outlined the importance of setting clear goals from your investment into crypto, you should know that a trading plan is just as important. A detailed plan will help in understanding when to enter the market and when it is the right time to exit. Everyone’s trading plan is different because of subjective risk tolerance and the potential goal they want to achieve.

New investors often continue chasing peak prices and do not know when it is time to exit. Experienced traders will always ask you to have a grip on the market trends before investing. So, your entry point will be the particular price at which you have begun and the exit point will be the amount of profit you want to make on that investment. A trading point is important because it gives you a clear idea of how you are supposed to deal with the fluctuations of crypto price.

Not Thinking Long Term


Cryptocurrency is a game where you will have to keep playing in order to make profit. The decentralized blockchain networks on which different cryptocurrencies function also offer multiple services that are currently being upgraded. The development of the network also determines the participation of the community for a particular digital currency. The developers of Ethereum are bringing out new upgrades that can make or break the altcoin which currently has the second largest market share.

If an investor does not think long-term, they will stand to lose more than they will ever gain. Long term investment gives you more chances of achieving your trading goals. Thinking short term will restrict you to a great extent because the market is fairly volatile and the prices are likely to go up and down within seconds. So, a good tip will be to think in terms of the trading goal rather than the time limit.

Not Being Prepared Before Stepping In

This type works on multiple levels as a trader does not want to be unprepared for the market. It is good that you have taken the initiative of becoming a crypto trader but it should not happen in a vacuum. Doing research and understanding the market trends is important before investing money blindly at any given point.

Be open to spending time with market research in analysis and also look at predictions of different cryptocurrencies. Read financial news and understand what price volatility of digital currencies could mean for an investor. Once you think that you have a fair understanding of the market try out trading simulators. One of the websites you should check for understanding the bitcoin market before checking out the simulators is

This is a crucial preliminary step which will allow you to make decisions based on potential conditions that can happen in the market. Consider it a mock test before jumping in blindly. Using trading simulators is called paper trading and it is recommended by many financial experts. While you are collecting important information, also understand the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio.

Not Choosing a Reliable Trading Exchange


A cryptocurrency exchange platform should be chosen with the utmost care. Research about its security and features to understand how it can serve you better. The exchange should be fast and allow for more convenience than the other options. Always try to compare different options to select the best one. While choosing a good platform, always consider how secure it is because scams in cryptocurrency trading are increasing.

The less stressful a trading experience on a platform is, the better it will be for the users. Try to read up on the facilities one should expect from a trading exchange platform and list the pros and cons of each one of them. Not using a reliable trading exchange puts you in a vulnerable position and can even lead to financial setbacks.

The Takeaway

We hope that these five mistakes help you in understanding how to trade cryptocurrencies better. Even many seasoned traders make these mistakes once in a while. It is important to be very conscious about your trading goals and strategy. Going with long term investments and diversifying the investment portfolio is essential for making profit. Understand the typical jargon and market terms to get used to the trading practices. Do not hesitate to keep learning even after making your first investment.