Were you arrested for a crime while traveling? A criminal lawyer is your best defense if the offense is not big enough to warrant embassy intervention.

Whether you live in Hungary or Australia, London or New York, there are times when you will need to hire a criminal lawyer. This branch of the law protects your interests when you are accused of a crime. Whether you are guilty or not, a criminal lawyer will always seek to represent you in the best way they know how. You should know what a criminal lawyer could do for you if you get arrested abroad.

What Happens if you get Arrested Abroad


You may not realize you have broken the law when traveling because foreign customs differ from those in Hungary. We consulted a criminal lawyer Sutherland to ask what happens if you get arrested when traveling. Criminal proceedings and defense rights change from place to place, but there are always similarities in how police detain prisoners.

Once you are approached and detained by police, they will only hold you for a specified period. For example, it might be forty-eight or 72 hours, as it is in Hungary. If you get arrested in the US, the holding period changes by state. It may be 12 hours for a minor crime, 18 hours for a medium crime, and 36 hours for a serious crime.

Once you are arrested, almost every country will permit you to make one phone call to your relatives to let them know where you are and a second phone call to your lawyer.

What are the Benefits of a Criminal Lawyer?


A criminal lawyer does several things to help you through and out of the situation. Here are the best benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer if you get arrested while traveling.

Advice on Wrong Answers

When your lawyer arrives at the police station, you should start talking. However, keep your lips sealed until the lawyer gets there. They can then advise you on what you should not say to protect your innocence or interests.

Illegal Searches

Different countries have different stop and search rules. If you were brought into the police station after an illegal search, your whole case might be void. The police may only stop and search you if they have evidence that you have committed a crime. If there was no reason to search you, they did it illegally. A lawyer will find the underlying cause of it.

Warrants and Illegality

If a police officer arrests you without a warrant, your criminal defense lawyer will get that case thrown out of court.

Is your Detention Even Legal?


If the police are holding you beyond the legal period or if they are holding you illegally, your lawyer might take them to court.

Defense Tactics

Suppose all the information is correct, and the police are holding you legally. In that case, a criminal defense lawyer will help you devise strategies that defend your actions or even get a reduced sentence.

Cultural and Language Barriers

When arrested abroad, there may be cultural and language barriers that can make it difficult to understand the legal system and communicate with authorities. A criminal lawyer who is familiar with the culture and language of the country can help bridge this gap and ensure that your rights are protected. They can also help to ensure that any translations or interpretations are accurate, which is essential when navigating the legal system.

Managing Communication with Consulate and Family


When arrested abroad, it can be difficult to communicate with your consulate and family. A criminal lawyer can assist with this by communicating with the consulate on your behalf and keeping your family informed of the status of your case. This can help to ensure that your rights are protected and that your family is aware of what is happening.

Appeal and Post-Conviction Relief

If you are convicted of a crime abroad, a criminal lawyer can help you understand the appeal and post-conviction relief process. They can advise you on your options for appeal and can represent you in any appeal proceedings. They can also advise you on post-conviction relief options, such as pardons or parole, and can assist you with these applications.

How to find a good lawyer


Finding a good lawyer when you are arrested abroad can be a daunting task. However, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you find a qualified and experienced criminal lawyer.

1. Research potential lawyers: One of the first steps in finding a good attorney is to research potential lawyers. You can start by searching online for criminal lawyers in the country where you were arrested. You can also ask your consulate or embassy for recommendations.

2. Check qualifications and experience: Once you have a list of potential lawyers, it is important to check their qualifications and experience. Look for one who has experience handling similar cases to yours and who is licensed to practice law in the country where you were arrested.

3. Look for an attorney with a good reputation: A good reputation is an important factor to consider when choosing a lawyer. Look for a person who has a good reputation in the legal community and who has a history of achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.

4. Consider the lawyer’s communication skills: Communication is key when working with an attorney. It is important to find a lawyer who is able to communicate effectively and who is responsive to your needs.

5. Get a referral from a trusted source: You can ask for a referral from a trusted source such as friends or family who may have gone through similar experience.

6. Contact the lawyer and ask about their fees: It’s important to understand the fee structure of the lawyer before hiring. A good attorney should be transparent about their fees, and should be willing to discuss them with you.

Final Thoughts


Not seeking legal support if the police arrest you in another country is a dire mistake. Don’t even try to defend yourself. The law is different from where you came from.