Popular music sharing platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud will have a run for their money soon, popular music distribution site Beatport has announced, through its owners SFX Entertainment, that it will be launching a free, ad-support music streaming platform to go with the music they already sell in early 2015. Beatport is already the leading retailer for mainly electronic music, so this new streaming service will surely be a well-received add-on. SFX is lucky with the Beatport streaming service, however, because it won\’t take them long to acquire major licenses – seeing that a large majority of the music sold via Beatport is through small independent record labels. Although SFX will need to acquire a few licenses for music via Sony, Warner, Universal, etc., it won\’t be as tedious as a site like Spotify – therefore allowing it to go live a lot faster.

The changes to Beatport don\’t stop there however – Beatport is excited to announce that the changes to the site will also include a \”community center\” for fans, aiming to showcase new talent, promote events, and possibly live stream performances and/or DJ sets all in one centralized location. Beatport\’s current retail operation will soon be completely converted to the recently announced \”Beatport Pro\”, and the final changes are said to take place, again, in early 2015. Do you think this will be a welcomed change to Beatport? Let us know in the comments below, or via Twitter and Facebook.

Source: wsj