Virgin Records reached out to The Chainsmokers to make an official remix of Bastille\’s \”Flaws\”. Another indie dance/progressive house hit the pair can put under their belt. Virgin couldn\’t have picked a more suitable duo to add their personal take on the track. Let\’s hear what they had to say about the production process:

\”So, \’Flaws\’ to us was this really interesting, quirky track that had this really lovely energy and sadness to it,\” says Alex and Drew of their new release. \”It felt like it wanted to be dance-able, but also didn\’t… and personally we loved it for that off kilter feeling. We thought for a remix applying some more straightforward rocking percussion would really give the song this Phoenix-esque feel and make it less ballady and more of a song you\’d press play on while cruising down the PCH. And of course Dan Smith\’s voice is what really is the most special thing in the tune–maybe the most special thing on the planet–and we didn\’t want to have them get lost in the production, so we wanted every sound to really serve a purpose and keep it simple and tight.\”