To successfully choose a gift, you need to know exactly what a particular person needs. Not always what you like is sure to please another person. If possible, listen to his wishes and compile a checklist. It will be easier to decide on the best option from the list!

If you haven’t seen each other for a long time and nothing comes to mind, perhaps a selection of our options will help you.


Universal gifts

1. Bright raincoat

If your friend loves traveling, give him a raincoat! A raincoat is especially indispensable while trips. Choose the one in bright colors, transparent with interesting stitching or cute pictures. There are a lot of options on the market today.

2. Waffle iron for awesome breakfasts

Such a birthday gift is suitable for someone who likes to cook something delicious in pajamas. Cool options would be a Hong Kong waffle maker, with animal molds, or even a heart-shaped waffle maker for romantic waffles.

3. Books for self-development

A book will always be a suitable gift. Choose literature about motivation, self-search, personal relationships, and even financial growth.

4. Skateboard made of recycled plastic

If a friend can’t live without sports, give him a skateboard made of recycled plastic plugs that looks like a work of art. An eco-friendly gift will impress your boyfriend if he chooses an active lifestyle.

5. Handmade candles

Handmade candles for meditation are a perfect gift for lovers of making a wish card and passing marathons to fulfill dreams. And you can also give a master class on making candles or a ready-made set for your birthday.

Gifts for guys

The gift will be special if you add a little of your meanings or memories.

6. Remind me of my childhood, give me a LEGO architectural set

All boys adore LEGO, even if they are no longer children at all. That’s cool! First, enthusiastically assemble a designer for a cool movie, and then put the resulting masterpiece in a prominent place so that others admire it. Choose a designer with as many small details as possible, for example, the architecture of New York or San Francisco.

7. Pillow in the form of dog

Does your boyfriend love dogs? A wonderful gift will be a pillow in the form of his lovely doggy. A variety of designer pillows can be selected on the AllAboutVibe website. If a guy suddenly doesn’t like dogs, you can put any print on the pillow that he likes.

8. A large backpack for all occasions

If you don’t know what to give a guy for his birthday, give him a backpack. It is difficult to imagine a young man in the city without him. Choose brutal interesting combinations: metal, leather, fabric.

9. Shoulder bags or waist bags?

Such bags are still in fashion! If your boyfriend is more for a sporty style, choose Nike, Adidas, Pull&Bear brands, and for a lover of strict jackets, you can order an exclusive leather product.

10. Stylish trekking boots

Many people don’t buy shoes specifically for hiking: it is not every day that you have to conquer mountains! But now hiking shoes are also in the trend for city walks. Give cool boots that will help you explore the nearby forests or create a stylish grunge image in an urban environment.

What to give a girl?

Girls are even more difficult than guys. Study the desires and interests of your chosen one, start with hobbies and taste preferences. Keep in mind that sometimes a small sincere gift will please much more than a diamond bracelet. So, what to give a girl for her birthday to pleasantly surprise her?

11. Silk pajamas

Pajamas are wonderful, especially if they are made of silk, viscose, or satin. Choose delicate pastel colors. Decorate the gift package with a satin ribbon and a sprig of dried flowers. Your lady will be delighted!

12. LED lamp with a tripod for selfie

If your girlfriend loves to be photographed for Instagram or works in this field, you can give her an LED lamp, a photophone, or a light cube for subject shooting.

13. Macrame frame with your photos

Such a gift can be made independently with a stick and ropes or ordered from a master. The frame will look stylish in any interior and evoke pleasant memories of your adventures!

14. Pillows with soft prints

Personalized pillows will remind your significant other of you every day. A custom-made green pillow will have a relaxing effect on the eyes.

15. Engraved bracelet

Being sentimental is not a shame! Order a bracelet made of silver or jewelry steel with a commemorative inscription. Such a gift will remind her about you, even if you have left for another city.


16. Breakfast table

“This world is not so bad as long as there is coffee in it” and a table for breakfast or a snack in bed. Birch countertop, pine legs, natural smell, and comfortable size will make breakfast in bed comfortable, and an evening with your favorite TV series and a plate of chips cozier. And no crumbs in the bed!

17. Bathroom table

According to statistics, 81% of girls who like to take a bath dream of a bathroom table. And if you decide to make the hero of the occasion happy with such a gift, it is important to choose a high-quality and practical option.

18. A book with cooking recipes

A book with cooking recipes will become an assistant to a woman who loves to cook. The kit can include rare spices, dishes, a mixer, or a blender.


Whoever you are going to give a gift to, do it with love. And you will succeed.