You are probably a tennis fan, and the live tennis odds are often a handy way to adjust your next bet. Yet, if you bet on tennis, you probably love to play the game, and this begs the question – how do you stay healthy and make sure that you are alright playing the game? It’s easy for someone new to the game to get hurt. Tennis itself isn’t a violent game, but it certainly requires a level of physical endurance that doesn’t come readily to everyone. Therefore, it’s always good to listen to a few time-tested tips that will help you stay in good condition while enjoying the game.

Source: Central Orthopedic Group

Use the Right Equipment

Many people think that they can just skimp on buying the right gear, and they may have a point. However, if you are a frequent player and return to the court often enough, buying the right gear is mandatory, and you will have to make sure that you invest a little to buy yourself the right things that will guarantee that you can stay injury-free and enjoy the game to the fullest.

There are many things you can look into to make sure that you are treating your body fairly and not putting any unnecessary stress on it. For example, you want to invest in higher-class court tennis shoes as you will be on your feet a lot, and one way or another, your soles are going to wear down.

Replacing your shoes is definitely an option, but you want them to last for as much as they can. Next, you want to buy the right tennis racket so as to make sure that your wrists don’t suffer any unwanted damage. Low-string tension is usually the best racket to buy, and there are many specialized shops that can help you pick a gear that will really ease the tension off your wrist.

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Remember to Take Breaks

Tennis is one of the most challenging sports physically, and while you may think there are much tougher sports, tennis is actually the one that requires incredible stamina and durability. Sure, tennis players may not look it, but they are extremely healthy individuals who have the superb lung capacity and breathing apparatus that has been cultivated through years of hard work.

To put it this way – tennis takes a lot of stamina. You are likely to get winded in a game of tennis very quickly, and the only way to actually be able to cope with the pressure and avoid injuries is to take breaks. Now, you may be thinking – you have seen games of tennis where breaks were hardly available.

Well, that is true, but remember – those are trained professionals, and even they realize that they are pushing their bodies, but that is just a part of the competition that they cannot really do without, and as such, they have to go through with it.

Source: Performance Health

Build Stamina Outside of Tennis

If you see tennis players preparing for big games, they will certainly be putting in a lot of mileage in a game, but they will also be doing a lot of other things – core body exercises are key to developing the attributes you need to play tennis, but it’s not just that. By cultivating better overall body fitness, you will be able to stay injury-free.

You want your body to be prepared and be able to take on any type of pressure or challenge. That is why many people do exercise out of tennis to make sure that when they play, they avoid injuries.

Speaking of pre-game exercise, you should always warm up playing tennis. It’s the simplest thing to do, and it often takes only a few minutes to accomplish. What you need to be doing is just go through a quick routine of jumps, short jogs, and arm and leg movement to make sure that your body is ready to take on a challenge. And, it’s the best way to avoid getting injured.

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Don’t Forget to Get Reinforcements

Look, you may be thinking that medical tools signal that your body is not able to take it, but all professional players want to make sure that their bodies are in a tip-top shape, and that is where medical reinforcements for your knees and elbows come very handy. You want to make sure that your body is not under unnecessary stress, and when you have the tools to protect yourself a bit further, it makes perfect sense to pursue  for action.

Source: Decathlon Blog

See a Physician

Look, if your arm is hurt, the best way to go about it is not to ignore it but rather go and see a physician. A doctor can have an ailment fixed promptly as they will be able to tell if it’s a muscle or bone injury and treat it quickly. Sure, you may need to take a bit of a longer break, but this is a small price to pay. After all, an injury can put you out of commission for months, and you do want to take these seriously because they are!

Source: Back to Motion Physical Therapy

Cancel a Session

Are you not feeling up to it? There is no shame in admitting that sometimes tennis won’t be fun and when this happens, and you are a recreational player, the best way to address it is to just skip the session. Nobody would judge you, and you are far more likely to play healthily and without risk to yourself if you did so when you are one hundred percent focused.

Of course, not attending to play doesn’t mean that you can’t turn up at the court and practice a bit or just watch others play, or perhaps do some low-intensity exercise that will help you work towards your goal of becoming a more skilled tennis player who has successfully avoided injuries all over. Tennis players can definitely appreciate staying injury-free and that is something you should work towards yourself.