Even though DJ\’s like Martin Garrix and Avicii were among some of the highest paid musicians in 2014, let alone the highest paid individuals, they are still using pirated versions of software to produce some of their biggest hits.

For those that don\’t know, \”pirated\” software is software that has been downloaded for free using a popular file-sharing platform known as BitTorrent. Using a BitTorrent client (which you can download for free, legally, off the internet) one can download all manner of files from movies, to music, to music production software for free from popular websites such as The Pirate Bay.

Torrenting such files is still a very major concern for many parties. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of files are downloaded every year. With numbers like that its hard to not lose money if you\’re involved in the production and sales of such files, and yet despite this some DJ\’s who are making upwards of $100,000 per show have yet to pay for the software that made them their millions.

Avicii gave Future magazine an exclusive look at his studio during which he revealed he had been using Lennar Digital’s popular Sylenth1 plugin. However, when one examines the program, it says it is registered to \”Team VTX 2011,\” which is a group known for cracking many different software programs.


This video was published a back in 2012, so it is possible that Avicii has since purchased a legitimate version of the software, but \”Levels\” was released by then and after seeing the rest of his studio, its clear that he was not lacking financially at that time.

Martin Garrix, another superstar DJ quick to rise was caught using pirated software by renowned internet troll, deadmau5. Garrix was using a cracked version of the same software as Avicii, but his was apparently cracked by Team Air.


Many musicians have an opinion on the freedom of how their music should be shared. Huge stars like Jack White and Dave Grohl, both of whom changed the direction of music as a whole, do not frown upon the file sharing of their music. While others like Bon Jovi and Metallica openly support a coalition known as Artists Against Piracy. Avicii and Garrix may strongly support file sharing, and thus would not feel shame as to having used a pirated product.

Perhaps this is a different case though because these artists are torrenting the means to make the product not the product itself. Jack White and Dave Grohl couldn\’t download a guitar or a drum set, and musical instrument stores aren\’t easy to rob especially when you\’re stealing something that comes in dozens of different pieces. These programs cost hundreds of dollars and there are far less people in on the profits as compared to movies or music. Other than distribution costs, every dollar spent on those software products goes back to the company itself.

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Source: torrentfreak