Friday night in Chicago, André Tanneberger, or as most call him ATB, lit up Aragon Ballroom and gave the attendees a show unlike most people have ever seen or experienced. Chicago was one of the lucky four cities to be a part of ATB’s U.S. live concert in which he brought along a full band and multiple singers he was worked with in the past and that are also a part of his new album “Contact”, which is due to be released in the early part 2014.

For the first part of the night, ATB took the stage and mixed a DJ set that lasted an hour and a half. ATB played a mix of a progressive and trance set that kept crowd jumping, dancing, and cheering his name from the second he started. With each song that he played, the energy of the crowd rose higher and the tighter the crowd packed together. ATB played songs such as “Seeing Stars” by First State and ended the set with a fan favorite, “DJ Ease My Apollo Road”, a mashup track by ATB and Dash Berlin.

After ATB ended his DJ set, the live band set up and the crowd anxiously waited to hear what ATB was going to give them next. The live concert started out with a bang. Sean Ryan took stage and began to sing “Ecstasy”, one of ATB’s most well-known tracks. The crowd went crazy. The rest of the concert, which lasted around two hours, consisted of multiple singers gracing the stage and singing some old songs followed up by tracks off of the new album. The singers included Roberta Carter Harrison, who started off with “You’re Not Alone”, Ramona Nerra, who sang “Never Give Up”, Stanfour and Boss & Swan performed new tracks from the new album, Jes, who beautifully sang “As the Rush Comes”, and Jan Lochel, who ended the night singing “What About Us”. All the new tracks the artists performed had all different sounds and feels to them which means ATB\’s new album is sure to have a song for everyone to enjoy.


As the night was coming to an end, many attendees left with about 45 to 30 minutes still left in the show. Those who left missed out big time. ATB took the stage to tell a story about some of his dreams his been hoping to accomplish since he started in the music industry. ATB talked about how being a DJ is more than just pressing buttons on a computer and that it’s humans who play and create the music. He then told the crowd of his love for rock music and how it’s always been a dream of his to play the guitar in front of a large audience. Needless to say, ATB’s dream came true. ATB grabbed an electric guitar and ripped on it and the crowd went crazy. It was nice to have ATB interact with the crowd on a personal level all throughout the night and it showed how much he loves and cares for his fans.

The concert was an overall magical experience that many will cherish for a long time to come. Insomniac, ATB, the singers and the band did a phenomenal job orchestrating the show and ATB\’s new album is sure to be a hit once it is released.


For more pictures from the concert, check them out here.