Finding a balance between encouraging creativity and giving credit where it\’s due has been a struggle for years for the electronic music industry, especially with online music streaming in the picture. Lawsuits having to do with copyright and licensing continue to pile up and there is a desperate need for more regulation.

The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) and Music Business Association (Music Biz) have decided to step in. The two recently partnered to launch the Electronic Music Workgroup, a place where people of the electronic music business can get together and talk about ways to \”streamline commerce for DJs, producers, and rights-holders for DJ mixes, remixes, mashups, and original tracks for both live and online content.\” The workgroup will be co-chaired by AFEM\’s CEO, Mark Lawrence and Dubset\’s president & COO, Bob Barbiere.

In a joint statement, the organizations mentioned that their first task will be to “facilitate discussion and deliverables regarding the challenges in data integrity for accurate, transparent, and efficient royalty payments to electronic music producers, DJs, and artists,” It\’s likely that licensing issues when it comes to DJ mixes will be another task that the workgroup will attend to.

This is a very exciting development for the electronic dance music industry. We\’re hoping that the Electronic Music Workgroup can achieve it\’s goal of streamlining commerce while still seeing continuation of the immense creativity in the genre.


Photo via Huffington Post.