If you’re bored of the usual online casino games, there are plenty of choices for you to pick from if you step outside of the box a little. Asia has a long history when it comes to casino games and there are a few that have taken the West by storm.

We’re going to list the top Asian games you should try out at an online casino if you fancy something new. From the beginner-friendly online Sic Bo to the popular poker variant Pai Gow Poker, read on to learn more.



Believe it or not, Keno actually originates from Asia. You’ll be able to find two versions of Keno when you play at online casinos, live keno and video keno. The game itself has quite an interesting history: An emperor of China invented the game over 3,000 years ago to fund his army.

Keno is a very simple game and if you’ve ever played bingo, it’s very similar. You select numbers on a card and then numbers are drawn at random. To win, you have to match your numbers to the numbers that get drawn. For the maximum payout, you’ll have to match all of your chosen numbers, usually either 10 or 20, with numbers that get drawn.

The great thing about Keno is that you can win big amounts from very small bets. You can find games for under a dollar, making it perfect for players with a smaller bankroll or beginners.

Pai Gow Poker

Many online casinos will offer an Asian variant of poker known as Pai Gow poker, both in a video-style format and in a live casino.

Whilst it has its roots in Asia, the game first came to American shores in 1985 and quickly gained popularity. It originated as Puy Soy, which is a poker-style game where players are dealt 13 cards that are split into 3 hands. Pai Gow evolved as a faster and dumbed-down version of this.

Pai Gow is a version of poker where players are dealt 7 cards and have to try and make the best hand they can out of this card. If you love poker and want to try an exciting new version, give this a go.

Sic Bo


A hugely popular game in Asia, Sic Bo translates loosely as ‘dice pair. As you can probably guess, this is played with two dice and has players trying to guess the numbers that will be thrown.

You’ll be able to find different versions of Sic Bo at online casinos, including speed versions and multiple game variants. The flexibility and simplicity of the game make it incredibly popular and it’s a nice entryway for beginners who want a relaxing first game.

Asian Slots

If you’re a slot fanatic and want something with a bit of Asian inspiration, you’re in luck. There is a selection of different online slot games you can find that have a southeastern theme. These games all come with great bonuses and you can even find slots that have high limits if you’re feeling lucky.

A fan-favorite Asian-style slot is Golden Dragon Inferno. You’ll find a traditional 5×3 reel game with a whole slew of different bonus rounds. On top of this, you’ll also have over 200 different ways to win!

Fan Tan


Another game that dates back thousands of years is the game of Fan Tan. Historians and archaeologists have found evidence that the game existed over 2,000 years ago in certain provinces of China.

Fan Tan is very hard to find at land-based casinos in America though, so it’s mainly played online. It’s based purely on luck – there are no strategies or complicated betting systems to learn. The premise of the game is simple: Beads are spread around a table, with the dealer taking a random amount away. Players simply have to guess how many beads will be left at the end of the game.