Find out how Armin Van Buuren and the crew announce the Armin Only Intense World Tour and prepare for the first show in Amsterdam.

Watch the video below and stay-tuned for episode 2 next week!

Tour Dates:

11-15-16-2013 Amsterdam,The  Netherlands
12-28-2013 Kiev, Ukraine
01-24-2014 Mumbai, India
02-07-2014 Sofia, Bulgaria
02-08-2014 St. Petersburg, Russia
02-21-2014 Minsk, Belarus
02-22-2014 Helsinki, Finland
04-11-2014 New York, USA
04-17-2014 Chicago, USA
04-19-2014 Toronto, Canada
TBA San Francisco, USA
05-03-2014 Vancouver, Canada
05-09-2014 Los Angeles, USA
05-16-2014 Monterrey, Mexico
05-17-2014 Mexico City, Mexico
06-07-2014 Melbourne, Australia
06-08-2014 Sydney, Australia
06-14-2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
09-27-2014 Moscow, Russia