People often say that living in an apartment is much easier than living in a house. The reason is the simplest one – it’s less maintenance. This might be true, considering you don’t have a backyard, and there’s less space to take care of. But, one thing remains the same. Whether it’s a house, apartment, or summer house every object has floors. We usually do not pay too much attention to our floors as the focus is usually on the walls, windows, and furniture. But with time floors will deteriorate too.

While floors are usually built to be sturdy, father time waits for no one. Floors are no different. When a lot of time passes they will need to be restored, fixed, or even fully replaced. To avoid the latter, you need to notice when is the right time to take a little care of them. As we said, floors just lie down below our feet and do not demand our focus. That’s why you need to be able to notice when your floors need attention. But, it’s not an easy task. Just like everyone else, you probably know little about this part of your apartment. So, let us tell you how to know if your apartment floors need refinishing.

Once you finish this article you’ll know more about floors than you did when you started reading. It is especially important to know the condition of your floors if you’re just moving in. it is vital to have them in top condition before you move the furniture in. if the issues pop out, later on, you’ll have much more work to do. Either way, if you’re eager to handle your floors the best way possible, we can recommend a good Flooring Company in Warrington, that can do the heavy lifting for you. But first, let’s see if your floors need their attention. This is how you tell.



Water is great, and w all love it. It has a lot of friends. It also has a few enemies. Fire and wood stand among them. You know that wooden floors and water do not bode well together. So, what you might do is a water test. In a worst-case scenario, you won’t even need a test, but water will somehow find a way to your floors and you’ll see that the wood has given up the battle. When water easily bits onto the wooden floors it is a sign that they need to be replaced or refreshed. If you notice that your floors react poorly to water, as every character in One Piece who ate a Devil Fruit does, you need to react immediately.

The sooner you notice something is wrong the more time and fewer expenses you’ll have to address the issue. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll notice the water issue too late, and your floors might get partially or even destroyed.

Scratches and Dents

While water is a great test, and one that truly shows the issues you might have with your floors, scratches, and dents are a close second option as a test. This one can be dubbed an eye test. Scratches and dents are easy to notice to anyone. Yes, you’ll probably have furniture on top of your floors and some rugs, but you can’t hide everything. Nor you should. Delaying the repairs on your floors is the worst thing you can do. As we said, the more you wait the more work you’ll have and your expenses will only grow. The worst part is that the more scratches and dents your floors have they more prone t water damage. Moist can also do the trick in attacking your hardwood floors. This is why you shouldn’t ignore any physical changes your floors might have.



Dangerous and painful. Splinters are a clear sign of floors deteriorating, and they are a true apartment hazard. Most of us walk into our homes and apartments without shoes on. Even if you have house slippers, you won’t be saved from splinters. Once the floors start falling apart, it starts from smaller splinters that deploy themselves from the wood.

But, they do this only partially and thus turn into real-life traps. So when you’re walking on your floors barefoot or only in socks a splinter could easily find a way to pierce through your skin. This is quite uncomfortable, and painful, and in more extreme situations it can cause severe issues and you might even need doctors’ intervention.

So, when you hit on a  splinter for the first time, an instant reaction is what you must have. Save yourself more trouble and do the best for your floors. Splinters can do much harm to both yourself and everyone visiting. You do not want to spend time pulling pieces of wood from your feet.


As we said already, what you can do for your floors is not hard. You only need to look at them. For many floors that need attention an eye test will suffice. It’s not like you need Sharingan or some other special type of eyes from Naruto to see that your floors are losing color. This is one of the easiest and least painful ways to notice that your floors need attention. While the wood beneath might still be in top condition once the color starts peeling off, you need to address the issue. Once the color is fully gone all of the issues from above will start arising. You do not want that, so once you see that color is not as it used to be you need to put in some work. As Harry Styles would put it, it’s best to have them As It Was.



As you’ll notice after you’re done with this article, most floors show physical changes and that’s how you know that they need your attention. Cupping is one of the clear signs that your floors need to be refreshed or even replaced. Once your floor starts to have a place where it is no longer holding its shape but instead is curving inward like a cup, you have yourself another issue. This one is known as cupping. Once you start noticing more and more cups, you need to have professionals address your floors.