Here\’s a little gem from the underground that I have recently discovered. Alesia, a Parisian duo signed under Skrillex\’s label OWSLA, have the coolest sound I have come across in awhile. It\’s dirty, it\’s interesting, and it\’s just the grimy sound you\’ve been craving for. Best known for their hit \”Bird Machine\” with DJ Snake, the dudes from Alesia, LĂ©muel & Nicolas, have no fear when it comes to experimenting with nontraditional sounds and producing music that is not bound by the confines of genres. As they say in their Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook pages, they \”make music, fuck a genre\” and it fucking works.
Keep an eye out for these guys, they\’re doing big things. Also check out their latest track with M.I.A below which is available for free on the producers\’ Soundcloud.