In many work sectors there are risks that can be a danger to the health of workers, causing accidents that can result in really serious injuries. In this type of case, it is essential to make an adequate report, in order to act legally with the help of work accident lawyers in the USA.

According to official statistics, in the United States, a work accident is recorded every 7 seconds, reaching the shocking number of approximately 4.6 million work accidents in a year.

These types of events are usually much more common in work spaces where the risk is usually higher, such as construction sites or any other job that involves the use of tools and heavy machinery.


What is an accident at work in the USA?

An accident at work is considered to be any event that generates personal injuries to a worker while performing their work tasks, as a result of the manipulation of any tool, machinery or the lack of adequate safety equipment.

Regardless of the magnitude of the injury suffered by the worker, he has certain rights that he is entitled to receive by law, as long as he reports the incident to his employer or the superior figures of the company in which he works.

One of these benefits will be workers’ compensation, which must cover each of the expenses arising from the injuries, ensuring their recovery and well-being in the shortest possible time. In many cases, to ensure compliance with their rights, the injured worker will need to have the support of a work accident attorney.

Can you sue for injuries at work in the USA?

In the vast majority of the states of the country, the labor compensation law, known in English as “Workers’ Compensation”, is in force, which establishes that all workers must have access to labor insurance, which provides compensation that cover each one of the expenses that are necessary in case of suffering an accident at work.

This benefit must be guaranteed by the company’s employer, who by law is required to guarantee the worker’s safety in the event of an accident, regardless of their immigration status.

Although this benefit prevents the worker from filing a claim against the employer, there are times when certain characteristics of the act may enable the victim to take legal action to claim the benefits that they deserve by law. In these cases, a personal injury attorney can be of great help.


How do you report an accident at work in the United States?

In the event of a work accident, it is up to the injured worker to prepare the report on the injuries he has suffered, describing every detail of the event, before his employer or supervisor, so that he can have the opportunity to receive the labor compensation that by law deserves.

This report must be made in writing, describing all the details that allow you to relive the event in which you were injured, as well as each of the injuries and discomforts you suffered after the work accident.

In some cases, depending on company policy, you may be allowed to make the report orally, to any of the injured worker’s superiors.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a benefit established by labor laws in various entities of the United States, in a regulation better known as “Workers Compensation“. This law establishes that all employers must guarantee their workers access to compensation in the event of workplace accidents, which covers each of the expenses that arise after the fact.

In other words, it is basically an economic benefit that will allow the victim to receive all the medical attention that is necessary for their recovery, without worrying about the amount that this whole process may cause.

Some of the main expenses that this compensation can cover are the following:

  • Medical attention.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Clinical and X-ray studies.
  • Lost wages.
  • Expenses for incapacity for work.

Each of these are the fixed expenses that are generally covered by labor compensation in cases of work accidents in which a worker who is injured hires the services of accident lawyers to respect their rights as a victim.


Why is it important to report an accident at work?

Taking into account that many of the states of the country are governed by the law of labor compensation or “Workers’ Compensation”, it is essential that the worker reports the case of an accident that he has suffered in his work tasks, in order to be able to access the benefits. that by law you are entitled to receive.

After making the report, the injured worker may receive compensation for:

  • Medical attention.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Rehabilitation therapies.
  • Lost wages.

Among other expenses that may arise as a result of the worker’s injuries, who also has the right to work hand in hand with work accident lawyers, in order to increase the value of the workers’ compensation that they will receive.

Where to find work accident lawyers in the USA?

In the event that the worker needs the support of work accident lawyers to guarantee their access to the appropriate benefits according to the magnitude of their injuries, a good option may be to contact free legal advisors, who allow them to connect with the best lawyers in your area.

In this way, the worker will be able to receive legal assistance from work accident lawyers who truly qualified for their case, ensuring compliance with each of their rights as a worker in the USA, regardless of their immigration status.


What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do in Employment Cases?

Work accidents are usually the types of accidents that can cause the greatest number of injuries, which depending on the space and the context in which they occur, can become extremely serious.

In these types of cases, a personal injury lawyer can defend the victim, ensuring compliance with their rights as an injured worker, so that they can access each of the benefits that they deserve by law.