At this years Amsterdam Dance Event liberal authorities have decided to let guests get a \”free pass\” by allowing patrons enter legally with 5 or less ecstasy tablets. Amsterdam is known for being flexible with social, political, and economical situations, so this is no surprise especially with the ecstasy scare they had earlier this month.

Prior to this announcement a new batch of ecstasy with an \”ADE\” label on it coincidence or not, was manufactured way too strongly and has been killing its users. The ADE authorities are hoping that this liberty that they are giving to their guests will allow for safer drug use. Just like Dance Safe, ADE hopes that this optimal idea will get users who are having a bad or life threatening experience confront medical authorities for help, so that more people might be saved at festivals.

Jellinek¬†will be this event\’s drug educators and medical support and will be giving a report after the event.