Being in the spotlight is no easy task, and with active social networking profiles, it\’s easy to become subject to rude and negative comments each and everyday. Popular DJ and producer, Justin Blau, otherwise known as 3LAU, found himself as the target to some of these messages, stemming from the Twitter account, @AdultRaverProbs – an account notorious for trolling EDM DJ\’s. The page, which is ran by aspiring DJ/producer Jay Fenster and usually filled with negativity, decided to engage in a conversation with a fellow Twitter page, stating that Blau\’s career would soon be over, and began making a mockery of the things he would do if he became washed up. As would anyone, Blau responded to this comment by giving the troll a taste of his own medicine.

Blau was able to access public domain records, and got a hold of Jay\’s phone number and address, allowing him to use the info into scaring Jay straight. However, this didn\’t stop Jay as he began replying and giving off the vibe that Blau was \”cyber-stalking\” him, which in fact wasn\’t the case. What Blau had did was, use a free tool which allows anyone to look up the registration info on a URL. For example, check out ours, it\’s easy – you can do it too, it takes no time and requires no effort. If you view ours, you see that our info is hidden and not accessible to anyone outside of our provider. However, Jay did not (this changed after the interaction between him and Blau) have protection on his URL, which allowed Blau to view his information. After this, the interactions ceased and Blau explained himself via Twitter, simply stating that he did what anyone did – and did nothing wrong in the process.

Two days after the Twitter debacle, Jay Fenster found himself as the recipient of 10 Domino\’s Pizza\’s, courtesy of Blau. Now, typically – people would be eccentric in getting 10 free pizzas as a peace offering, however, Fenster didn\’t seem to like the fact that it was being delivered at 11 p.m. Blau admitted to sending the pizzas, and has since then continuously claimed that it was a fun way to say he was sorry. No harm, no foul.

Since all of this has occurred, Jay took to the website DJoyBeat to write an article, which highlights Blau\’s \”harassment\”. He goes on to state that Blau was in fact \”cyberstalking\” him, and both harassed him and bullied him over the internet. All of which, is entirely untrue. Following the publication of the article, Blau has been the subject of even more negative tweets, stating that people have no more support for him after what he did – resulting in a social media whirlwind regarding Blau\’s actions and his reputation. Let\’s not forget – this all started because @AdultRaverProbs couldn\’t keep their negative comments to themselves.

In order to clear the air and respond to the article, here\’s what 3LAU had to say:

So adult raver problems throws insults around behind the anonymity of his twitter handle and thinks there won\’t be consequences. I\’m sure Jay took 3 hrs to write up this article (to get back at me), 2 hours and 58 minutes longer than it took me to who is lookup his website and scare the shit out of him after he and his techno clowns repeatedly insulted me, telling me to go work in a strip mall and that i\’d be 40, broke, fat and boring.

So I fired back. And what is claimed to be a 2 day long harassment was more like 15 minutes of internet babbling.

So now I\’m a cyberstalker… right. Of course people are gonna jump on me and say I went too far or blah blah blah, I really didn\’t take more than 10 minutes to embarrass a dude who\’s looking for trouble. Doing a whois lookup isn\’t cyberstalking. Internet domains have public info attached to them. If u know anything about the internet, you know what a whois lookup is. This idiot was just too stupid to pay the extra $10 to hide his info.

I get hate all the time, less could I give a fuck, but this motherfucker was special, over the last few months making attacks on myself, and my friends, it was time to shut him down.

No one should think their musical tastes are better than anyone elses, that\’s why it\’s called taste. I put jay in his place, prolly the first person he\’s hated on to fuck with him back a little… then he whines on a blog?

If you\’ve met me in real life, u no I\’m no creep nor stalker. I just put a bumbfuck 37 year old techno daddy in his sorry place in the world, which is clearly…the internet.

For the record half of this is a lie to boost this guy\’s 5 seconds of internet fame. I didn\’t sign him up for gay porn, nor submit an email from his website, glad some of my fans did though.

Well done jay, u totally got me this time, I\’ll be enjoying Hawaii.

As stated before, @AdultRaverProbs is a mecca of EDM trolls, countlessly speaking negatively of popular DJs and producers, and not being afraid to admit it. However, apparently someone needs to tell Jay and anyone else behind the account – we\’re in the 21st century. Anything that is put online by anyone, can be traced back and used against themselves. Using public tools is not considered cyberstalking, Blau was just smart in using his resources and Fenster was probably upset at himself for not hiding his information. So ultimately, Blau did absolutely nothing wrong and should not be under fire in this predicament. What are your thoughts on this debacle? Do you think Fenster overreacted in his article? Do you think, perhaps, 3LAU is in the wrong? Let us know your thoughts, either in the comments below, or via Twitter and Facebook.

Photo credit: Tony Cottrell Photography